The Census Worker Arrested for Trespassing

So everyone wants to know the scoops… well since officially I haven’t been served the subpoena I will say the following:

The census worker, Jay Haas, that was arrested for trespassing on a police officers property in the Puna District, the trial will begin on July 22nd at the Federal Court House on Oahu.

I have been called by about 10 – 15 different media folks asking me about things on this case… I’ve kept my mouth shut… my answers will come out under questioning under oath.

Besides that, as census workers… were not allowed to talk to media folks… so fricking quit calling me from New York at 9:00 your time which ends up being 3:00 AM MY TIME!

Nuff said before I land myself in jail… but like I said… I’ve only been called by the Prosecutors and Attorneys… I haven’t seen any paperwork as yet that says I can’t have MY FREE SPEECH ON MY BLOG right now!

What I have heard… is that the head of the US CENSUS Bureau is coming out to this trial… Jesus… what did I get myself into simply by wanting to help my community out at times?

I Have a Very Bad Feeling in My Stomach Tonight

I’m not happy about the results of what happened today.  I can’t say too much.

I will say that I want to say mahalo to a guy that worked very hard for not only me… but then when we switched rolls… he worked hard for all of us here in the Puna District doing what he was doing.

I have a very bad feeling in my stomach tonight as I don’t like how “Shit rolls down hill”.

Many folks have worked very hard on this “Project” to benefit everyone in our community and I don’t like it when people are crapped on for attempting to do their best.

I was in his position for awhile and I’m glad I’m no longer in that position.  You can only love your community  so much before the pain exceeds the pleasure.

To folks that don’t understand this cryptic message… that’s fine… It’s not meant for you to read.

I love our community and will do anything for it… except land myself in jail.

Census Enumerators Will Begin Knocking on Doors Again Soon

Here on the Big Island, Census workers will begin knocking on doors again on Wednesday, April 28th. This is the Non Response Follow Up operation, so if you didn’t send in the questionnaire the first time… the census bureau sends enumerators out to find you.

Continuing a White House tradition of strong support for the census dating back to 1790, President Barack Obama recorded a public service announcement encouraging national participation in the 2010 Census.


A Three Minute Census by Ian Lind

I love it!

As many of you know I’m a Supervisor for the Census.  I’m glad Oahu blogger Ian Lind is doing his part for the 2010 Census.

Many may know that he is a cat lover… here you will see just how much of a cat lover he really is!


The Calm Before the Storm

I’m slowly getting myself ready for the next week on Oahu… and I’m already thinking about things that need to be done when I get home.

As some of you may have read or heard, I was chosen as a Field Operations Supervisor for the 2010 Census so for the next few months I’m gonna be quite busy.

I’m not sure what my job details are at this point but I sure hope I’m not having to knock on doors again! I mean I will do it if I have to… but dang I’m telling you there are some scary properties and some even more scary dogs on this island.

I’m pretty much packed and ready… just need take care of the bathroom supplies after I shower tomorrow.

I’ll miss my Ohana for a week, but I look forward to making history in 2010 and hopefully we can get all the people accounted for on this island so that we can get the Federal money that is so needed here.

Big Island’s Population and the 2010 Census Count

When I was being trained for this census work that I’m doing, one of the questions I asked, was how accurate is the Census here in Hawaii.

My supervisor didn’t have a direct answer, but he guesstimated around 60% accurate.

While everyone thinks the population on this island is increasing, I wouldn’t be surprised if this census count shows that our population has not increased all that much from 10 years ago.

I have a few theories:

1. I have come across just too many vacant houses that obviously were occupied 10 years ago.

2. As the price of everything skyrockets, more and more people are Cohabiting. While you would think that this doesn’t effect the census count that much… I believe it will when it comes time for the actual counts. I just don’t think people will be completely honest when they are sending back the forms to the government telling the government that they have multiple families living under one roof.

3. And finally, I think people just wont take the time to fill out the census stuff and send it back.

I believe this will probably hold true for all the Islands in the State. It will be interesting to see the statistics when they do finally come out.