2009 Year in Review

Well it seems everyone did their year in reviews except for me.

First off, I’d like to thank all the readers that have visited this blog and secondly, I’d also like to thank my sponsors as well as my family for supporting me through this venture.

The following are the page visits to my my blog so far.  The second line represents the year 2009 and the total amount of page visits was 378,583.  Of course you can always follow the total amount of page visits on the bottom left of this site.

The month of February is highlighted because that’s the month I had the most page visits.

This number really surprises me as the person that I feel writes the best blog in Hawaii, Ian Lind, reported that he received more then 355,000 visits.

I’m not gonna go back and post what blog posts I think were my best ones or most read or commented on.  My archives are open to the public, just as they always will be… unlike some local newspapers!

I look forward to blogging more in 2010 in the same process updating From Big Island Blogs (FBIBlogs.com) into a much better site that will require less maintenance from me and the ability to add a few more bloggers to the site in the new year.