Girls Just Wanna Have Fun on the Big Island – All Male Revue Show This Weekend

Here’s one for the ladies on the Big Island!  The First Annual Girls Just Wanna Have Fun… “The Best Pacific Playboys All Male Revue” is happening this weekend at 100% Moxies Club Cafe.

All Male Review Show

The After Party from the 2010 Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series

Well after the wild day at Kawainui Falls where the twelve Red Bull Cliff Divers entertained the folks on the Big Island… it was time to party it up!

The party was at 100% Moxies off Kinoole street in downtown Hilo and the place got packed fast even though it was a private party.

Of course Red Bull was kind enough to sponsor the party so needless to say… I probably drank more then I normally would have… and it wasn’t Red Bull.

Most of the Red Bull Divers took part in a “Winner Stays On” pool tournament.

Gary Hunt proved that he was not only a great diver… he’s also a bit of a pool shark!

The party didn’t even begin until 10:00 at night!  So needless to say I was hurting today when I had to wake up at 5:30 to get my son ready for school!

You know Red Bull is that drink that is suppose to make you grow wings isn’t it?

I hope the athletes had a great time here on the Big Island and I sure hope they come back some time soon!

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