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    May 2019
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Highway 130 Wrecks

I figure since it’s nearly impossible to get any information or statistics about car accidents on the Big Island… that I my as well just start my own page of them.

If you see any wrecks on the Big Island and would like to submit the pictures to this site feel free to by emailing the Location of the Accident, and the date and time of the incident to damontucker @ yahoo.com (no spaces).

I call them wrecks and not accidents because I’m a firm believer that accidents can be prevented most of the time, however wrecks… well they happen due to other things.

This initial list is just wrecks that I have come across… mind you I’m not everywhere all the time… so this isn’t even close to the amount of wrecks that are actually happening on this Highway… these are just the ones I’m simply able to post about!

9 Responses

  1. Damon, having looked at most of the “accidents” posted here I have to agree with Kris. You had mentioned the “accident” at the intersection of Old Pahoa Rd. and Hwy 130 on 1/11/11, that the State was going to be sued……..The State and the driver of the tour bus were sued quite a while ago. The result of that, among other things, was the installation of the Traffic Lights there now. You can do endless ‘improvments’, install roundabouts, More traffic lights…..Bottom line is, the road is only as safe as the drivers who drive on it! It is very obvious that there are just plain too many licensed drivers who don’t know how to drive. To obtain a license, one has to “exhibit skills to operate a motor vehicle” That just isn’t enough, it takes a LOT more than that to negotiate Hwy 130. Especially nowadays. It’s nothing like it was 35 years ago. We all just need BETTER drivers. Thank you

  2. Hi Damon. It’s Peri from the Census. Yes, we saw this accident and YES, it is impossible to get ANY information about car accidents here on the Big Island. Why is that? I felt terrible seeing this and wanted to know if everyone was alright but nothing!

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