Lt. Governor Aiona to Present $140,000 Check to Hilo Medical Center Rural Residency Program

Media Release:

On Thursday, July 1, 2010 at 2:00 p.m., Lt. Governor James R. “Duke” Aiona, Jr., will present a check in the amount of $140,000.00 to the John A. Burns School of Medicine – Hilo Medical Center Rural Residency Program, at the Rural Residency Program Office located at 45 Mohouli Street in Hilo. Lt. Governor Aiona will present the check to members of the Hilo Medical Center Foundation, the Rural Residency Program and Hilo Medical Center Regional Board.

“Our administration has been aware of the acute shortage of doctors in East Hawaii. The East Hawaii community has banded together to support the Rural Residency Program and I’m privileged and honored to be able contribute the State’s share to support this much needed program. Despite our State’s financial troubles, our Administration has taken the necessary steps to make sure this worthwhile program is funded.” noted the Lt. Governor.

The Lt. Governor will give brief remarks. Invited speakers include:

  • Lori Rodgers, Executive Director, Hilo Medical Center Foundation
  • Julie Tulang, Vice President of the Hilo Medical Center Foundation
  • Brian Iwata, East Hawaii Regional Board, Finance Chair
  • Dr. Luci Bucci
  • Boyd Murayama, Medical Group Program Director
  • Dr. Linda Dolan, Hilo Medical Center.

Duke Aiona Releases Campaign Spending Report

Media Release:

Lt. Governor Duke Aiona today announced that he has raised more than $267,000 in the last six months of 2009, including nearly 950 donations of $100 or less.

Aiona has raised more than $2 million during his gubernatorial campaign.

“During these tough economic times, I am honored to have the financial support of so many residents across our state,” said Lt. Governor Aiona. “We treat every donation as an investment in our future. I am running for Governor to fix our public school system because education is the foundation of the modern economy, and I will cut taxes and regulations on working families and small businesses to encourage entrepreneurship and innovation that will create jobs.”

Duke Aiona Announces Statewide Grassroots Leadership Team

County and regional chairs to lead Aiona’s local outreach efforts

Media Release:

Duke Aiona today announced five county chairs and co-chairs and 13 regional chairs for his growing campaign. The leadership team will provide grassroots support to mobilize and turn out voters for Duke Aiona in the 2010 gubernatorial election.

The grassroots leadership team comprises a broad cross-section of supporters representative of Hawai‘i’s diverse population. Aiona’s chairs will help to formulate and implement grassroots strategy and support his vision to improve education, strengthen the economy and create jobs.

“This election is going to be won on the grassroots level, and my team is on the ground in communities throughout the state,” said Lt. Governor Duke Aiona. “I’m honored to have their support to improve the quality of life for all of our residents in 2010 and beyond.”

“Duke is a principled leader who listens to the concerns of families and small businesses,” said O‘ahu County Chair Bob Zalopany. “He will bring accountability, integrity and a greater sense of community to our state as Governor.”

“Our family has known Duke a long time, and there is no one we would rather have as Governor in 2010,” said Maui County Chair Myles Kawakami. “He not only understands the issues facing Neighbor Island residents, but he and his wife Vivian also clearly understand what it takes to be parents raising their children here in Hawai‘i.”

“Duke’s grassroots support continues to grow on Hawai`i Island,” said Hawai`i County Chair Sonny Shimaoka. “He’s the right man at the right time to serve as our Governor in 2010.”

“Duke cares about issues facing Kaua`i,” said Kaua`i County Co-chair Don Kimi. “He listens to residents and follows up with them to address their concerns.”

More information about the Duke Aiona for Governor campaign can be found on Residents can also contact one of several island-specific email addresses.

Among them:,,,,, and

Duke’s grassroots leadership team is as follows:

Hawai‘i Island

  • County Chair – Sonny Shimaoka
  • Hilo – Phil Aganus
  • Kona – Ron and Daisy Mitchell


  • County Chair – Myles Kawakami
  • Moloka‘i – Charles and Noe Keliikipi
  • Lana‘i – Joelle Aoki
  • West Maui – John Brunold
  • Central Maui – Leinaala Drummond
  • South Maui – Kathy Mannoia
  • Upcountry – Jo Ann Kegely


  • County Co-Chair – Don Kimi
  • County Co-Chair – Matt Higa


  • County Chair – Bob Zalopany
  • Windward – John and Carol Harris, Keoki Leong
  • Waikiki, Diamond Head – Lester Fung
  • Downtown, Punchbowl – Wayne Rhoden
  • ‘ Aiea , Mililani – Matt Kaneshiro
  • Leeward, North Shore – James “Bird” Mahelona

Lt. Governor Duke Aiona to Announce Statewide Grassroots Leadership Team Tomorrow

Media Release:


Lt. Governor Duke Aiona and his county chairs from Hawai`i Island, Kaua`i, Maui and O`ahu


Lt. Governor Duke Aiona will hold a news conference to introduce his statewide grassroots leadership team and provide a campaign update.


Tuesday, January 12, 2010

10:30 – 11:00 a.m.


Hawai`i Republican Party Headquarters, 725 Kapi`olani Blvd., Suite C-105


Lt. Governor Duke Aiona will announce his statewide grassroots leadership team, including county chairs and regional chairs, and provide an update on his growing gubernatorial campaign. The leadership team will provide grassroots support to mobilize and turn out voters for Duke Aiona in the 2010 gubernatorial election.

“Your Opinon” On State of Our State Survey Results

Lt. Governor Duke Aiona ran a survey recently and here are the results that were released today:

Is Hawai‘i headed in the right direction or are things off on the wrong track?
Right direction (23%)
Wrong track (63%)
Undecided (14%)
Taxes in our state are __________?
Too high (70%)
Too low (10%)
Just right (14%)
Undecided (6%)
Is Hawai‘i a business-friendly state?
Yes (4%)
No (88%)
Undecided (8%)
Do you support using tax credits to diversify the economy?
Yes (72%)
No (15%)
Undecided (13%)

Mufi Hanneman to Run for Governor?

From the Abercrombie Campaign:

A person is either running for governor or not. Mayor Mufi Hannemann is trying to have it both ways. It was recently reported that he is “exploring a run” for governor, yet he has just today signed on as a candidate with the Campaign Spending Commission in order to raise money for a campaign against Neil…

Honolulu County Mayor Mufi Hanneman and My Son

Honolulu County Mayor Mufi Hanneman and My Son

(a) Candidate Name: Hannemann, Mufi 2. Web Page Address:
(b) Committee Name: The Hannemann Committee 2010 3. Office Sought: Governor
(c) Address: P.O. Box 3980 4. District / County: /
5. Party Affiliation: Democrat
Honolulu HI 96812-3980 6. COMMITEE DEPOSITORY (Bank):
(d) Phone: (Bus) (808) 546-6834 (a) Name: First Hawaiian Bank
(Res) (b) Account Number:

*Update* Abercrombie Leading Aiona by 20% Points

In my non scientific poll with 66 83 different IP addresses voting, Neil Abercrombie is leading Duke Aiona 52 51% to 32 31% with 17 18 % choosing other.  The Poll is still open so if you haven’t voted… feel free to do so.



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Lt. Governor Duke Aiona Twittering? Ed Case as Well? Government Officials Jumping Onto Twitter

Well it looks like Twitter is finally catching on with some of our Government officials.  In just the last hour I found the following new accounts:

Could it be that our own Lt. Governor Duke Aiona is now Twittering. 

Ed Case as well?

Will Espero just started an account.

Kimberly Pine is now Tweeting…

Michael Sickels from Kalani HS is shadowing me today! Michael wants lower taxes and tougher penalties on criminals here in Hawaii!

Panos Prevedouros is Tweeting….

Transit Ridership Baloney and the Kapolei Choo Choo:

Rep. Mele Carroll is Tweeting:

HB654 HD1 passed House last night. It protects businesses & consumers from people who defraud the system using unlicensed contractors1:55 PM Mar 11th from web

Are you on Twitter?

Craigslist is killing the Big Papers… Twitter is killing Email!

2010 Governor: “Neil Abercrombie or Duke Aiona”… Unofficial Poll

Well it looks like it’s Neil Abercrombie and Duke Aiona in the early race for the 2010 Governor’s seat.

If the election was today, who would you vote for?

Poll has been moved here.