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Wow… first of all I’m astounded that you even found this page… Mahalo for visiting it.

Let me introduce myself.  I’m Damon Tucker and I blog because I enjoy getting information out to the community and I feel our local “mainstream” media here on the island doesn’t give us the full story at times.

Some Page Stats:

I receive about 300,000 – 400,000 page visits each month and have more than 17,000+ folks following me on Twitter (@DamonTucker)… if that means anything to you.  I feel very fortunate to be ranked as one of the top blogs in Hawaii according to Blog Rank.

I love blogging about anything and everything and I will support most causes that I believe are beneficial to Hawaii in general.  Often times I will go on sponsored trips to help promote the Island.  Sometimes  I feel that we don’t get the media coverage that we should at times.

Sponsorship of my blog:

I’m always seeking sponsors of this blog and folks looking to trade interesting events for coverage of their events.

I don’t get compensated for what I blog about other then free tickets at times… so I’ll try my best to represent what I’m blogging about as I’m blogging about sponsored events.

If you know or think your event sucks… it would be better not to ask me to cover it… because I will say it sucks.

If you have an awesome hotel room, an awesome dinner or an awesome whatever… feel free to drop me an email at damontucker @ yahoo.com and let me find out for myself.

Ad Rates (six month minimum purchase):

  • $50.00 per month for a 6 month ad ($300.00)
  • $40.00 per month for a 1 year ad ($480.00)
  • Lifetime sponsorships are available on a sliding scale… please email to inquire about lifetime sponsorships.

For more information email me at damontucker@yahoo.com with the subject line of “Blog Sponsorship”

18 Responses

  1. Hello! We love your blog and all your great info about our amazing Hawai’i. We would love to be in contact about upcoming events with our artists. Email us :)

  2. I saw your article on the 2013 5th annual quilters shop hop, and saw the photo of the Hawaiian quilt with flowers in a heart shape. Being a quilter myself, I wanted to ask if this was a finished quilt, or is a pattern available, and in either case, where can I find it?
    I’m coming to Hawaii in September and I would love to shop and meet up with fellow quilters. Please let me know if you have the information. Thank you!

  3. Just an FYI in case you don’t know about the Hawaii Performing Arts Festival. They have concerts thru July, half of which are free, while they train musicians. You can see their schedule at hawaiiperformingartsfestival.org.

  4. The criminal case against Michael Miske for beating Shane Busby back in 2013 was dismissed by the Court on 5/11/16. You should look at this miscarriage of justice.

  5. Hello Damon,
    Where is the KKP Conference Room located? I want to attend the HSTA meeting about Pahoa Highs principal today. Thank You

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