Project Better Place Comes to Hawaii… East Hawaii Residents on the Big Island Left Uncharged

For the last few years I have been blogging about Project Better Place coming to Hawaii and how I didn’t see it working on the Big Island very well.  Better Place today announced it’s network here in Hawaii and of course folks on the EAST SIDE OF THE ISLAND… ARE OT OF LUCK… Again.  See […]

Project Better Place… An Update

I just received the following email regarding the Project Better Place project: Hi Damon, Hope all is well! I noticed you blogged about Better Place’s battery exchange station back in May so I just wanted to pass this information along to you as an FYI.  Better Place released figures today from a multi-national study that […]

Project Better Place… The Commercial

Project Better Place founder Shai Agassi together with Renault-Nissan and world governments aim to fill the globe with Electric Cars and stop oil forever. As of today Israel, Denmark, Australia, San Fransisco, Hawaii and Canada have signed up for the 2010-2012 time frame. [youtube=]

What a Project Better Place Battery Changing Station May Look Like

Yokohama, Japan — Better Place today achieved a milestone in accelerating the mass-market adoption of electric vehicles by demonstrating the worlds first battery switch technology along with electric car charging spots. This simple range extension technology delivers a cleaner, more convenient experience for drivers. Better Place was the only foreign company invited by the Japanese […]

Project Better Place Cars to Cost Consumers Between $4,000 and $5,000 Yearly in Battery “Subscriptions”… Agassi Looking to Tap Stimulus Funds for Hawaii Market

I’ve been blogging about Project Better Place coming to Hawaii before most people even heard about it. Now Shai Agassi himself has put a dollar figure on what it’s going to cost to run one of these buggahs annually. …Agassi says he expects Better Place to earn between $4,000 and $5,000 in annual battery subscription […]

Project Better Place: “Governor Lingle of Hawaii was really the driving force behind getting us to Hawaii”

Project Better Place is in the news again, this time is the New York Times : …”DP: Hawaii’s an island. Australia’s a big island. Why islands? SA: Contained islands are easier to work with, because you have sort of an ecosystem of cars that don’t go in and out…” To see a recent CBS video […]

IBM Tests Smart Charge in Denmark for Project Better Place

The computing giant is making another smart grid foray, simulating how to match intermittent wind power to charging electric vehicles on a Danish island with 40,000 residents. Dong Energy and Better Place are also eyeing Denmark… …IBM is trying to figure out how to match the ebb and flow of intermittent wind power to the […]

“Project Better Place” An Interesting Debate

I was the first in the State to mention Project Better Place coming to Hawaii back on September 7th of last year. I’ve thought about the project for awhile, and I think it might work on the other islands the way they have the stations planned now, but I just don’t see how they can […]

Electric Car Firms Push Alternatives to Project Better Place

I’m still not a big fan just yet of this proposed Project Better Place idea that will be sweeping through Hawaii in the next few years. Representatives from Miles Electric Vehicles, Phoenix Motorcars and Global Electric Motorcars say they believe the future is fast-charging stations, not battery-replacement stations, for electric vehicles. …representatives of several electric-vehicle […]

“Project Better Place” and Mobility Miles

I was just reading this article from the San Jose paper the Mercury News and I found this interesting article with more on how “Project Better Place” will be making their money on this project: …Under the Better Place model, consumers can either buy or lease an electric car from the French automaker Renault or […]

Maui to be First Island in Hawaii to Test “Project Better Place” Cars

Maui Electric will test electric vehicles through a new agreement with a California company. Gov. Linda Lingle, Maui Electric Co. and Phoenix Motorcars announced Tuesday the plan to test all-electric vehicles and an electric vehicle infrastructure on Maui… More Here Project Better Place

Japan Signs on to “Project Better Place”

A local startup company is building electric battery charging stations in Japan.  The Japanese Government will pay for a 6-month pilot project with Palo Alto-based startup “Project Better Place”… More Here

Charging Station Locations Unveiled for “Project Better Place”

From the map of the locations of the charging stations on the Big Island, it looks like if I were to try and get a charge, I would have to drive nearly 30-40 miles round trip just to get a “Fill-up”. The following map is a grid that “Project Better Place” released.  While it looks […]

“Project Better Place” Unveils More Information

I’ve been blogging on and off about “Project Better Place” for the last few months. Today, the company released more information on how these cars will work: …In every electric car on the network, Better Place will install its operating system to serve as the intelligence for the car and the network. The system will […]

Shai Agassi Press Conference Announcing “Project Better Place”


Governor Lingle Driving a “Project Better Place” Car… The Video

This was shot after Lingle Announced that “Project Better Place” would go forward: [youtube=]

New York Times Confirms “Project Better Place” Coming to Hawaii… I Still Say They Are Only in it for Money

I was the first in Hawaii to blog about “Project Better Place” back on September 7th. It hit the newspapers a few weeks later saying that it was coming… however, I corrected the paper and said that it was not confirmed here. I mentioned how I thought “Project Better Place” was only in it for […]

Project Better Place in the News Again

I mentioned how the Advertiser “Jumped the Gun” on Project Better Place here. In today’s paper, they mentioned Project Better Place again, however, this time they only called it a “proposal”. …The privately funded Better Place made headlines last month when it unveiled its proposal for an Island grid that would charge up electric cars […]

Project Better Place Finally Makes Local News… I Still Think They Are In it for The Money

I Blogged about “Project Better Place” here a few weeks ago. One of the comments left here by a representative of the company when I asked the question if Project Better Place was only in it for the money was: If Better Place were only in it for the money, they would not come to […]

“Project Better Place” Representative Talks of Electronic Car Distribution in Hawaii

I mentioned first about Project Better Place here and questioned the motivation behind the company here. I emailed a company representative the following question: I’m very interested in these vehicles as I currently am an advisor for one of the State Hawaii Projects here on the Big Island of Hawaii. How are recipients going to […]