Grandma Nan on Marijuana Doctors and Dispensaries

73 Year old Grandma Nan from Puna is at it again: Grandma nan says that doctors and dispensaries go together … the tv commercials go: ask your doctor if this drug is right for you … and then the federal government says no, the doctors dont know what they are doing … we better have […]

Grandma Nan on Pot Smoking for the Elderly

73 Year Old Grandma Nan from Puna is at it again: I NEED TO READ MY BOOK TO YOU : POT SMOKIN FOR THE ELDERLY … quick before my eyesight is totally gone. …nanette verla norman … social philosophical poetic commentator …this is my last book in a series of one or more a year […]

73 Year Old Grandma Nan Getting Hassled by the Helicopters… Operation Green Harvest (What Peaceful Skies?)

Grandma Nan is obviously frightened by the Helicopters flying around her house in these clips: LISTEN TO AUDIO IN BACKGROUND ON SOME OF THE CLIPS! Grandma nan says im all stressed out with these noisey helicopters flying like dive bombers … right over my place … makes one feel like a criminal when one isnt […]

Double Dose of Grandma Nan: Last Name Verla Norman and Sings Us Another Song and Talks About Friday the 13th… Oh and of Course Marijuana

In the latest youtube clip posted by 73 Year Old Grandma Nan from Puna, she has listed her last name: Nanette Verla Norman … social philosophical poetic commentator … that means i write verse … so much money to be made for the state of Hawaii with legal control with decriminalization … dignity for dopers […]

73 Year Old Grandma Nan on Building a Casino in Hawaii… and of Course Marijuana

Grandma Nan is at it again: Grandma nan says put our money with the natives … go natives … and build a big round beautiful building to house gambling and sales …meant to say anti-theist not anti-atheist …sorry billmaher … children and adults … music … theater … cooking … health … wealth … how […]

73 Year Old Grandma Nan Get’s High

Grandma Nan is at it again… This time she’s getting high and talking politics! [youtube=]

Grandma Nan on “Three Men Six Marriages”

Grandma Nan from Puna, Hawaii at it again: grandma nan married 3 men … each twice … this is about number 3 [youtube=]

73 Year Old Grandma Nan From Puna on Medical Marijuana States… Song Included

Grandma Nan from Puna is at it again. Grandma nan agrees with arlo gutherie when he said in 1969 “if you wanna end war and stuff you gotta sing loud… [youtube=]

73 Year Old Grandma Nan Speaks Today on Solar Power (Video)

I just noticed that 73 Year Old Grandma Nan from Puna has posted another youtube clip today… I must say I like her sweatshirt. Grandma Nan says that solar power gives her the power without the electric bill. [youtube=]

Grandma Nan on “People of Color”

73 year old Grandma Nan is at again: Here she is on “People of Color”. [youtube=]

Grandma Nan Calls on More Local Politicians to Use Youtube

More of Grandma Nan. This time she’s calling out the local politicians to get with it and start using technology… after all… she can do it: [youtube=]

Grandma Nan From Puna… “No One Names Their Kid Blowjob”… The Video

I need to meet Grandma Nan myself! If anyone knows her… please let her know that I’m trying to get a hold of her for a blog write up! Grandma Nan from Puna is back at it again (Warning, Grandma gets explicit at times): [youtube=]

Grandma Nan From Puna Talks About Her Anniversary of Losing Her Virginity and Calls Out Abercrombie, Hirono, and Akaka on the Marijuana Laws

Grandma Nan from Puna, Hawaii… Now this is a youtube character I will be watching to see what comes of her little episodes!  I’ve never met her… but this is some classic stuff. WARNING GRAPHIC Talking about losing her virginity: [youtube=] A video she posted today calling out our local representatives: [youtube=] If your interested […]

“Numbah One Day Of Christmas” From Puna Resident TUTU NAN

We all know the song “The Twelve Days of Christmas”. When I first moved to Hawaii, I was rolling laughing when I heard the song “Numbah One Day of Christmas” So from the “PUNA JUNGLE“… I bring you “Grandma NAN” Singing “Numbah One Day of Christmas” [youtube=] Lyrics: – by Eaton B. Magoon Jr., Edward […]

Two Hawaii Youth Honored for Volunteerism at National Award Ceremony in Washington, D.C.

Hawaii’s top two youth volunteers of 2017, Cierra Nakamura, 18, of Honolulu and Emma Tandara, 14, of Ewa Beach, were honored in the nation’s capital last night for their outstanding volunteer service during the 22nd annual presentation of The Prudential Spirit of Community Awards. Cierra and Emma – along with 100 other top youth volunteers […]

My Vacation… Tweeted

Below you will find my tweets from my vacation.  You can click on the links for videos and pictures.  (If your interested… you go from the bottom to the top) Were here in Hilo… but only one of our suitcases made it! 21 hours ago from twitgoo Boardin our last flight. 22 hours […]

Grandpa’s (1932) Bike Ride Around the Big Island

I posted a couple other stories by the late Gabriel Manning before.  One on his Survival Story of the 1946 Tsunami and the other was his Memories of the Hilo Massacre of 1938. I got an email the other day from his grandson, Lance, telling me that the newspapers weren’t interested in his grandfathers story […]