Giraffes Close the Season With a Victory

Well today was my sons last soccer game for this year. It was a great year.  I think we only lost 2 or 3 games. Just look at this strong defense (White Team – #6 my son):

Giraffes Keep to Their Feet in Shipman Mud

My Giraffes held their ground today against the Mighty Bruisers, despite a mud soaked field at Shipman Park. I’m not sure what the final score was, but we thoroughly dominated! Two more games left!

Is Lingle Losing Her Credibility? Giraffes 20 Legs Down to 16

The other day I poked fun at Linda Lingles recent comment about Barack by calling her a kook. Well if you have a minute… go check out Lee Cataluna’s column today (some of the comments are pretty fun as well) Is Lingle Losing Her Cred? It’s a good way to open up the weekend. On […]

Giraffes Keep the Gate Closed

My Mighty Giraffes collected their first shut-out of the season. I even had to pull my star Giraffe back for a while just so the other team would have somewhat of a chance.

Giraffes Necks Get Longer

I’m so proud of my team of Giraffes! They played well again today, and although official scores aren’t kept at this age… our team is now 3 wins and 1 loss. There are certain moments in parents lifes that make you feel really proud… today was one of them… as my own personal giraffe scored […]

Giraffes Avoid Bruises

I’m happy my “Giraffes” played well against a team of “Bruisers”. I wasn’t keeping score, but the other team was and they congratulated us for winning the game. Most importantly to me… is my little giraffe actually stayed on the field the whole game w/out wanting to come out!

Giraffes Slaughtered… Dragons to Blame

Well in the second game of the season, my Giraffes got slaughtered by a much better team of kids called the dragons. I don’t know what the final score was… nor is it important… I’m just glad the kids are having fun at this age. I was a bit disgruntled that my own baby giraffe […]

Giraffes Soon To Rip Up Shipman Lands

Ok…sorry for the misleading headline. As an assitant coach to my son’s soccer team… we decided to let the kids decide on their team name… Well we are now the Giraffes by popular demand. I’ll do anything to keep these kids happy and if Giraffes is the name they want for their team…then the “GIRAFFES” […]

Waimea Ocean Film Festival Unveils Films, Filmmakers, Speakers and Special Guests

The action-packed 2017 Waimea Ocean Film Festival (Ocean Film) offers a stunning lineup of films, special guests, intimate coffee talks, Q&As, exhibits, receptions and morning activities, running non-stop January 2-10. The annual event opens the morning of January 2, with films playing simultaneously January 2-5 at multiple venues in Waimea (Kahilu Theatre, HPA Gates, Parker Theatre) […]

The Stinging Bees

So my son started soccer up again. I look forward to this season and can tell my son has progressed a lot from last season. The major difference this year… is he will be wearing glasses and can actually see the ball. Anyone have any tricks to keeping sports goggles from getting fogged up? His […]

Giraffe Missing… New Zookeeper in Place

Well a Giraffe decided to go on vacation with his parents to the mainland.  This Giraffe’s Father… was the head Zookeeper of my son’s zoo. I’ve assumed Zoo keeping duties until he get’s back from the mainland. In case your wondering wtf I’m talking about, you can see that the Giraffe’s have been ripping up […]