Three Men Rescued From Sinking Vessel Off The Big Island

Three men were rescued from a sinking vessel 6 miles off the Big Island this morning:

Situation Found at Scene: 3 adult males in their 60’s clinging to a partially sunken 22 ft. fishing vessel 6-miles offshore. The victims were able to contact the Coast Guard and Hawaii Fire Department who collaborated to execute the rescue of the three men utilizing Rescue Boat 7 out of the Kailua-Kona Fire Station. The three men were evaluated by Medic 12 out of the Keauhou Fire Station and released.

Remarks: The three men were able to utilize their cell phones to call for help and visually make their position known to Rescue Boat 7. Rescue Boat 7 personnel made contact with the victims who were able to signal and respond to rescue personnel directives to help identify each other in the early morning darkness. All three men had lifejackets and were with the vessel on arrival of the Rescue team. According to the victims, they were in the water for approximately an hour and a half. None of them were injured. Rescue Personnel left lights attached to the vessel to alert other boats of the Navigational hazard.

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