Committee Assignments for the Second Biennium of the Twenty-Ninth Legislature Announced

The committee assignments for the Second Biennium of the Twenty-Ninth Legislature were announced today and it reflects the division of the former Judiciary and Labor committee into the two separate committees, Labor (LBR) and Judiciary (JDC) committees:

  • President: Ronald D. Kouchi
  • Majority Floor Leader: Will Espero
  • Vice President: Michelle N. Kidani
  • Majority Whip: Kaiali’i Kahele
  • Majority Leader: J. Kalani English
  • Majority Whip: Gilbert S.C. Keith-Agaran
  • Majority Caucus Leader: Brickwood Galuteria

AGRICULTURE AND ENVIRONMENT (AEN) – Gabbard, Mike (Chair) Riviere, Gil (Vice Chair) Nishihara, Clarence K. Rhoads, Karl Ruderman, Russell E.

COMMERCE, CONSUMER PROTECTION, AND HEALTH (CPH) – Baker, Rosalyn H. (Chair) Jill N. Tokuda (Vice Chair) Chang, Stanley Espero, Will Ihara, Jr., Les Nishihara, Clarence K. Ruderman, Russell E.

ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT, TOURISM, AND TECHNOLOGY (ETT) –  Wakai, Glenn (Chair) Taniguchi, Brian T. (Vice Chair) Baker, Rosalyn H. Galuteria, Brickwood Thielen, Laura H.

EDUCATION (EDU) – Kidani, Michelle N. (Chair) Kahele, Kaiali’i (Vice Chair) Espero, Will Riviere, Gil Taniguchi, Brian T.

GOVERNMENT OPERATIONS (GVO) – Kim, Donna Mercado (Chair) Ruderman, Russell E. (Vice Chair) Galuteria, Brickwood Keith-Agaran, Gilbert S.C. Rhoads, Karl

HAWAIIAN AFFAIRS (HWN) – Shimabukuro, Maile S. L. (Chair) Galuteria, Brickwood (Vice Chair) English, J. Kalani Green, Josh Riviere, Gil

HIGHER EDUCATION (HRE) – Kahele, Kaiali’i (Chair) Kim, Donna Mercado (Vice Chair) Espero, Will Keith-Agaran, Gilbert S. C. Kidani, Michelle N.

HOUSING (HOU) – Espero, Will (Chair) Harimoto, Breene (Vice Chair) Kahele, Kaiali’i Nishihara, Clarence K. Shimabukuro, Maile S. L.

HUMAN SERVICES (HMS) – Green, Josh (Chair) Chang, Stanley (Vice Chair) Harimoto, Breene Tokuda, Jill N. Wakai, Glenn

LABOR (LBR) – Tokuda, Jill N. (Chair) English, J. Kalani (Vice Chair) Chang, Stanley Ihara, Jr., Les Shimabukuro, Maile S. L.

JUDICIARY (JDC) – Taniguchi, Brian T. (Chair) Rhoads, Karl (Vice Chair) Gabbard, Mike Kim, Donna Mercado Thielen, Laura H.

PUBLIC SAFETY, INTERGOVERNMENTAL, AND MILITARY AFFAIRS – (PSM) Nishihara, Clarence K. (Chair) Wakai, Glenn (Vice Chair) Baker, Rosalyn H. Ihara, Jr., Les Thielen, Laura H.

TRANSPORTATION AND ENERGY (TRE) – Inouye, Lorraine R. (Chair) Espero, Will (Vice Chair) English, J. Kalani Harimoto, Breene Shimabukuro, Maile S. L.

WATER AND LAND (WTL) – Rhoads, Karl (Chair) Gabbard, Mike (Vice Chair) Inouye, Lorraine R. Kim, Donna Mercado Thielen, Laura H.

WAYS AND MEANS (WAM) – Dela Cruz, Donovan M. (Chair) Keith-Agaran, Gilbert S.C. (Vice Chair) English, J. Kalani Galuteria, Brickwood Harimoto, Breene Inouye, Lorraine R. Kahele, Kaiali’i Kidani, Michelle N. Riviere, Gil Shimabukuro, Maile S. L. Wakai, Glenn

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