Why Mayor Kim Doesn’t Use a Government (.gov) Domain

The other day I was looking at Hawaii County Mayor Kim’s website and noticed that it didn’t have a .gov extension like all the other mayors in the State of Hawaii as well as many other mayors across the mainland and asked some of our local council members to look into why the Mayor wasn’t using a .gov account.

Councilwoman Karen Eoff inquired with the counties IT Director (Jules Ung) about the domain and she stated the following regarding the use of the domain:

Aloha Karen,

http://hawaiicountymayor.com/ is a domain that was registered and established by the previous administration.

When the new administration came on board in December 2016, site stats indicated over 2000 views that month with referrals from a variety of local sites including the Visitor’s Bureau, real estate businesses, local media, and search engines. From an SEO perspective it was beneficial to leverage the reach and rankings of the existing site to reach the broadest audience.

The current platform of http://www.hawaiicounty.gov/ is not dynamic and is incapable of hosting a blog.  So, the Mayor’s blog is utilizing WordPress at the .com site which for many bloggers is the preferred platform with convenient features.

Currently, plans are developing to move the County Website to a new secure, dynamic platform which can accommodate the Mayor’s Blog, as ideally, it would be an extension of the http://www.hawaiicounty.gov site.

Great questions and valid concerns from Damon.



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