Man Dies Attempting to Harvest Opihi on the Big Island

A man in his sixties passed away in the Pahoa District of the Big Island today while attempting to get Opihi:

Hawaii Fire Department Incident Report: 10851

Situation Found at Scene:

Unresponsive male Opihi picker in waters off shore of Kumukahi Lighthouse.

Photo via Eli Duke


Report of Opihi picker who was swept into the ocean by wave action.  Two bystanders assisted victim away from rocky shoreline and were met by lifeguards on jetski’s.  The Victim, 60’s Male, was pulled from the water by Hawaii Fire Department rescue personnel on Chopper 1 via Billy Pugh Net.  Victim was then transported to awaiting medic at Kumukahi Lighthouse, for emergency medical service assessment.  The victim was found to have no signs of life and was released to Hawaii Police Department.

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