TETRABRAZIL Coaches to Return for Second Big Island Camp

The TETRABRAZIL Coaches are here for another week instructing a TETRABRAZIL OUTDOOR CAMP. Since the current running TETRABRAZIL CAMP is successful, we are proud to announce that the 3 Futsal Coaches from BRAZIL are here on Hawaii Island for another week of Brazilian style training.

They will be heading to Maui next week then returning to Hilo!! We will welcome Coach Bruno Conteville, Coach Sergio Morales, and Coach Victor for a second camp.

So far the camp is filling up as expected with the TETRABRAZIL program and looking to be an awesome week of Soccer. The TETRABRAZIL OUTDOOR CAMP combines traditional Brazilian technical practices with the flair, passion, and creativity of South American soccer.

The TetraBrazil curriculum has been designed by an organization of professional soccer educators in Brazil to provide teams, coaches and players in Hawaii with the same expert level of training received by the Professional Brazilian Clubs.

Campers will warm up to samba music, learn Portuguese phrases and discover what it is like to grow up in a country where playing soccer is treated like a religion with the background of Hawaii Island and Buddy Perry Soccer Fields.

  • Where: Buddy Perry Soccer Fields, Keaau HI (Shipman Park)
  • When: June 19-23
  • Cost: Half Day Development  Ages 6-9  9am-12pm  $125, Half Day Advanced  Ages 9-14  9am-12pm  $125, Full Day  Ages 6-14  9am-4pm  $170

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