Costco Coming to East Hawaii

Costco has announced plans to open on the East side of the Big Island of Hawaii in 2018.  Their current plans are to renovate and expand at the former Safeway located at Prince Kuhio Plaza.Representative Ian Kirkland stated, East Hawaii residents have been longing for a Costco and are “tired of making the drive over from the Hilo side of the island for a simple hot dog or pizza combo special.”

Costco plans to open 32 warehouses in fiscal 2018 — a record expansion pace for the retailer. By comparison, it added 23 locations last year and its highest new warehouse count over the last decade was the 31 stores it opened in 2007.

Safeway had no comment on this story and has rebuilt another store within a mile of this location.

New warehouse launches provide a quick boost to membership levels and revenue growth. But the real impact isn’t felt until the stores mature into their tenth year and beyond. Costco’s newest locations that were opened in the last three years, for example, have averaged $104 million of sales during their freshman years. But that number steadily climbs toward $178 million per year for the Costco warehouses that have been around for over a decade.

Plans for a Maui and Kauai Costco are being discussed but nothing has been confirmed as of this post.  The grand opening date is scheduled for April 1st, 2018 according to developer Lirpa Sloof.

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  1. Thank you costco for recognizing the need to locate in Hilo! I droped my membership years ago because it was just too far to drive to Kona. I will certainly reup when you get located here. Your store will change the entire food industry for this side of the island as prices for food are extremely high. Now other food stores will have to compete, but my guess is that you will do more business in Hilo than you even expected. I look forward to your opening!

  2. There are already Costco warehouses on Maui and Kaua’i.

  3. Hey Damon,
    So is this Costco news a joke or is it real news?

    I’ll be really disappointed if it was a joke.

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