Nation’s First Judicial Outreach Week Comes to Hawaii

Commemorating America’s first National Judicial Outreach Week (March 5 – 11, 2017), Hawaii state judges are meeting with student and community groups to promote public understanding of the rule of law.  Judges will share their insights on how the courts apply this important concept in maintaining open and transparent government, ensuring fairness in our system of justice, and protecting the fundamental legal rights of all citizens.

Oahu Judge William Domingo shows a sketch of Lady Justice to 8th grade students who visited his courtroom at the First Circuit Court Building on March 7, 2017. Judge Domingo used the sketch to explain the Judiciary’s role in applying the rule of law equally for all people.

National Judicial Outreach Week is a new initiative of the American Bar Association Judicial Division, set to take place each year in the first full week of March.  During this week, judges and lawyers will host a variety of community engagements to discuss the rule of law – the legal principle that every citizen is subject to the law, including a country’s lawmakers, leaders, and judges.

“We are a nation where all people are equal under the law,” said Judge William Domingo.  “Our courts are the institutions charged with safeguarding this fundamental principle, so it is important for the public to have a firm understanding of the court and its legal processes.  This promotes trust in the fairness and impartiality of our system of justice.”

During the month of March, the Judiciary invites people to contact their local courthouse to inquire about having a judge speak to their school or community group on the rule of law, our system of justice, and the resources and public services available through the courts.

On Oahu (First Circuit) call the Judiciary History Center at (808) 539-4999.

On Maui, Molokai, and Lanai (Second Circuit) call the chambers of the Chief Judge at (808) 244-2860.

On Hawaii Island (Third Circuit) call the Program Services Branch at (808) 322-8726.

On Kauai (Fifth Circuit) call the Office of the Deputy Chief Court Administrator at (808) 482-2347.

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