Updates from Day 3 of Mayor Kenoi Trial

Today is day 3 of the Mayor Kenoi trial that is taking place at the Hilo Judiciary.

kenoi-trialHonolulu Star Advertiser reporter Dan Nakaso is in the courtroom and is live tweeting the trial.

You can follow him live here: https://twitter.com/dannakaso



Judge dismisses three counts against Mayor Kenoi. 5 charges remain.

4h4 hours ago

AG counters that Kenoi atty only focused on 5 ASB/FHB personal and joint accounts. Two additional accounts suggested debts. 4h4 hours ago

Kenoi atty said forensic accountant orig included an equity line of credit to suggest Kenoi needed $ when he had plenty of money

4h4 hours ago

Kenoi atty walking AG forensic accountant through pcard expenditures and kenoi accounts to show that mayor had money.

MT : Judge asks whether AG alleging a “cover up.” AG: “We don’t know if there was a conspiracy.” Jury not present.

AG: “We wouldn’t be here” if not for efforts of AG investigator who had to get Kenoi purchase receipts directly from merchants.

3m3 minutes ago

AG wants jury to get a transcript of Kenoi presser in which jurors will “hear a confession.”

Kenoi presser held April ’15 relates to his pCard purchases; AG wants jury to hear additional docs, evidence

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