Updates From Mayor Billy Kenoi Trial

Hawaii News Now Reporter Chelsea Davis is at the Hilo Courthouse and she is live tweeting the Mayor Kenoi trial.

Here is what she has posted so far from day 2 of the trial and you can follow her here https://twitter.com/ChelseaDavisHNN:


Testimony will resume Monday, Oct. 24th at 830am


Wilson’s response to prosecutor is that she didn’t write the email, she received it. Pros. passes the witness to the defense

Earlier, prosecutors showed receipts showing wine and alcohol purchased at the luncheon

5m5 minutes ago Hilo, HI

Pros. asks Wilson about Kevin Dayton’s farewell lunch held at Hilo Yacht Club, which was categorized as an office strategic planning meeting

Court back in session

Court in recess for lunch. Reconvene at 1pm

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