Family Donates Prosthetic Leg to Homeless Man Assaulted in Pahoa

A Pahoa family that wishes to remain anonymous, has stepped up to the plate and donated a prosthetic leg to assist John Hartley, the one-legged homeless man that was attacked by Lava Shack manager Chris Mohr.

John Hartley. (Photo via Hawaii News Now)

John Hartley. (Photo via Hawaii News Now)

In a video that has gone viral on social media, John Hartley and his dog are seen getting splashed with water, then sprayed with something that may be mace or pepper spray and then punched in the head a few times.

Pahoa community member Mark Hinshaw posted the following on the Big Island Thieves Facebook page where folks were obviously very upset about the video:

Hate crime in the 808!!! This just reported to us.

Allegedly, the manager of the Lava Shack in Pahoa has used mace and violence against many people, in this case a well liked homeless man in Pahoa for over 30 years, named John. Now bear in mind, John only has one leg and is wheelchair bound. This must stop. If this manager of Lava Shack has assaulted you please let the prosecutors office know.

As is clearly shown, John’s dog was hit by the mace as well…

No hate in the 808!!!

Police and Prosecutors are aware of the situation and are in possession of the full length video.

If you have any information and/or further details about this situation, please contact the Pahoa Police Station at 965-2716.

We must NOT allow this kind of behavior to continue in Pahoa Town!!!

According to Hawaii News Now:

“Victim John Hartley, who has been homeless for eight years, said the attack was unprovoked.

“I was blinded that night for five hours,” Hartley said. “The next day, I didn’t realize, I had the oils in my hands and I rubbed my face and I was blinded for three more hours.”

Hartley, who lost his right leg in 2015, is something of a fixture in Pahoa. He’s always got his dog right beside him.”

The donors family reached out to me last night and wanted to know how I could get them in touch with Hartley and I was able to make the connections and today the family was able to meet with Hartley in person.

“Our meeting (with Hartley) went well.  I saw Aunty Madie Greene outside of Luquins just as I got there. We fitted John with the prosthetic leg. Some minor adjustments need to be made but he was able to stand on it and is hopeful that in time he will be mobile again.  He’s an amazing man. It was nice to talk story and find out more about him.”

John Hartley gets fitted with his new leg.  Photo by Sara Williams of the Pahoa Village Museum.

John Hartley gets fitted with his new leg. Photo by Sara Williams of the Pahoa Village Museum.

Hartley has filed a police report and does plan to pursue charges.

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