Commentary – Hawaii State Teachers Association Files Formal Grievance Against Pahoa High School Principal

The Hawaii State Teachers Association (HSTA) has filed a formal grievance against our principal. The grievance meeting will be held TOMORROW at KKP Conference Room, February 12, 2016 at 3:30 pm. We are focused on working towards a safe campus and better school climate.

Pahoa High and Intermediate

Supporters (other union members, other unions, parents, community etc) of the grievance are welcome. We are asking for written testimony or face to face presence. If you want you can submit testimony “anonymously” directly to the union:

A lot of the teachers have complaints, but they are thinking it’s not worth it, she will retaliate etc. So this is dividing the teachers already. We could use your point of view from a parent. We would also like to hear from parents who have pulled their students from this school.

Please pass the word on. And if you can please submit testimony about your own experience with her.

“Concerned Pahoa Resident”

3 Responses

  1. Is the grievance, about getting more support for staff on campus on violent situations. I have a suggestion have a campus police officer on campus again. The school security will handle the daily fights and disruptions. The on campus police officer will work with Juvinile court and determine if the disruptions in campus are actually crimes or charges that need to be referred to court system . The officer will file the reports direct to Juvie Courts and have these students arrested, charged or sent to Juvenile Detention, Foster care, outreach services, drug rehabilitation , Kahu Mohala. Remember the Police is on campus to work closely with court systems , school administration,and other outreach. Remember if crimes are commited these young adults must be held responsible (Assult,Attempted Murder, Assault with a deadly weapon etc. The learning environment must be safe to learn for everyone one campus. There are so much complaints but things need to be push toward to the right departments. Parents are also still responsible for their kids under 18. Have parents mandated to be present with child at court hearings

  2. Ryan,
    Clearly you have no idea what has been happening within the school. The school has been reported on the news on numerous occasions. There has been consistent violent outbreaks, one of which occurred four days in a row. Students that are suspended come back to start new fights. Students are intoxicated on campus and have little or no consequence. Do you know teachers hide in their classrooms in fear of retaliation from students?Please keep in mind that I am also an alumni. So this hurts me to see my Alma Mater go to crap. Trust me, there HAS BEEN NO IMPROVEMENT! There may have been attempts, but clearly not working. Thanks! I do hope things change for the better and fast.

  3. What is this even about? You say a grievance has been brought against your principle but not what it entails. The last time this happen our principal got the snot kicked out of him. As an alumni all I have seen is improvement in the school. So, again this must be pretty serious; perhaps there needs to be a better method of ISS. Maybe we should be testing our students on material congruent to Hawaii. Hope it’s nothing scandalous.

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