Homeless Population in Hawaii Continues to Increase… Property Crimes Rising

The amount of homeless people in the entire state of Hawaii has come to a crisis level and is now affecting neighbor islands as well.

A 30% increase in Homeless folks on the Big Island alone in the last couple years is just a small example of what is happening here in Hawaii.

Homeless in Hawaii
What do you suggest we do to help the homeless situation in Hawaii?

5 Responses

  1. Please let me rephrase my question:
    Why would you insert a falsehood about property crimes into a title about homelessness?

  2. I just checked statewide stats for property crimes; 2014 was lower than 2010, 2011, 2012. 2013 saw a small temporary increase, otherwise the rate is dropping.
    Big is. has had a parallel decrease in property crimes since its peak in 2002.
    Why would you claim an increase?

  3. The title to this piece is ambiguous.
    Are you suggesting that the same economic forces that create homelessness also push people to commit property crimes?
    Or that the homeless are responsible for the increase in property crimes?
    Or that property crimes are responsible for increased homelessness?

  4. Where is the connection between the homeless and rise in property crime as your headline implies? It wasn’t in the press release you reproduced here. Is your bias showing again Damon?

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