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College Fairs Hosting More then 70 Universities

The Hawaii Association for College Admission Counseling (HACAC) is pleased to announce two Fall 2015 college fairs happening on Hawai`i Island.

  • The East Hawai`i fair will take place on October 29, 2015 from 12:00 pm – 2:00 pm at the Edith Kanakaole Mulit-Purpose Stadium.
  • The West Hawai`i fair will take place on October 30, 2015 from 9:00 am – 11:00 am in the Hilton Waikoloa Village Ballroom.

Both fairs will feature over 70 colleges from Hawaii and across the mainland.

College Fair

A general advising and financial aid center will be available to students and their families to answer specific questions regarding the college admission process and financial aid.

The college fair is free of charge and is designed to include all Hawai`i Island students interested in pursuing higher education opportunities.  Students and parents may attend with their schools or on their own.

For more information, please see your school counselor or email Hawai`i Island HACAC representative, Joanie Brotman, at <jbrotman@parkerschoolhawaii.org>.

Dog Rescued From Earth Crack in Hawaii Volcanoes National Park

Search-and-rescue rangers safely extracted a pet dog from a 20-foot-deep earth crack in the national park on Sun., Oct. 4 around noon.

NPS Photo/Park Ranger Arnold Nakata and rescued dog, Romeo

NPS Photo/Park Ranger Arnold Nakata and rescued dog, Romeo

On Saturday evening, the owner of the dog was walking her two pet dogs off leash near the Volcano golf course and the park boundary when the dogs ran off into a heavily vegetated area. One dog came back, but Romeo, a 4 ½-year-old chocolate brown Labrador retriever, did not return. The owner searched into the night but could not locate him. When she returned to the area in the morning, she heard a faint whining coming from deep within an earth crack and called for help.

Park rangers responded to the call, assessed the situation and determined that a safe extraction could be accomplished by the experienced team. Using high-angle technical rope rescue techniques, Ranger Arnold Nakata was lowered 20 feet into the narrow crack where he found Romeo in good condition. Nakata rigged Romeo with a harness and the topside rescue team slowly pulled them out of the ground. A grateful Romeo bestowed his rescuers with lots of dog kisses.

Typically, the national park would not use technical rescue for animals. Dogs and other pets are not allowed in many areas of the national park for safety reasons, and for the protection of threatened and endangered species. Authorized service animals are permitted, but may be prohibited from certain areas if their presence is detrimental to park management programs, like nēnē recovery.

All pets and service dogs must be leashed in the park at all times. Hikers have reported being bitten by dogs off leash on park trails, and other pets have fallen into earth cracks and steam vents and have not survived.

“We are glad that this rescue had a happy ending, because our pets are like family. The best way to protect them is not expose them unnecessarily to potentially hazardous areas that are prevalent in a national park,” said Park Superintendent Cindy Orlando.