Little Fire Ants Invade Hawaii – State Wasting Money Trying to Eradicate Them

Well the Little Fire Ants have now spread statewide here in Hawaii… don’t expect the State to protect you or your pets.

little fire antThe amount of money that the State of Hawaii is wasting on Little Fire Ants and attempting to control them is amazing.  Those of us that live in Puna know that you can’t get rid of them once you get them.

The state needs to look at other options like us Puna residents do now and educate folks how to keep them out of your house and away from your pets.

Take action now and do things like use ant insecticide chalk and other measures such as keeping your house clean of food items they could access to keep them out of your house.

Yes, the pain from a Little Fire Ant hurts like a bitch! Keeping them outside of your house is the best recommendation I can make.

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  1. False. You can get rid of them, and I have done so… on many acres! I will show you proof if you want. Almost 100 acres and counting eradicated. Call me if you need help. I’m starting a business. 896-4079

    • Best of luck with your business Dylan.

      You wouldn’t need to have “Extended Protection Plans” if your above statement was true.

      Sounds like a good money making thing though…

      Per your website:

      “Extended Protection Plans

      After we have successfully killed all colonies and gotten ant populations under complete control you may elect to enter into a quarterly service in which we will continue to monitor and apply border treatments. Based upon an assessment of your lot, you will be given a price per quarter. Prices can be seen on previous page.
      What our extended protection plan includes:

      -Continued monitoring / border treatments when necessary
      -24/7 availability to speak to someone on the Fire Anti team
      -Someone there on the property for you within 48 hours of a call/email
      -Peace of mind that no new infestations of LFA are possible

      ***Note*** If you opt out of an extended protection plan, we will evaluate the property as a new infestation and therefor a main treatment price will be charged.”

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