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My Audition for Wheel of Fortune… And Now the Wait Begins

So folks want to know about the Wheel of Fortune Audition that happened at the Hilton Waikoloa Village last night.

The sun sets at the Hilton Waikoloa Village

The sun sets at the Hilton Waikoloa Village

The room started out w/ about 200 folks that had previously sent in a video and had gotten a letter from WOF stating their audition times.

I gather that they had auditions at 10:00 AM and 3:30 PM yesterday.

They were really looking for contestants that were smiling and clapping a lot and basically enthusiastic that they were there.

We filled out applications that basically asked general questions about us.

Then they made a seating chart of who the folks were in the room.

They then called out everyone’s name in the room for a chance to play a simulated version of the game.

I was doing pretty good on my puzzle but then I chose a wrong letter.

They then called up a few more folks to ask them to do another puzzle.

They then issued us a 5 minute written test that was a lot harder then I thought it would be and the time flew by. I think I got about half the puzzles right and skipped the ones I couldn’t figure out.

We broke for about a half an hour while they graded the written tests.

We came back in the room and they showed us some old school clips of the show and then they told us that this is the hard part and that not everyone can be on the show.

They then read off a list of 12 folks that were partnered w/ “friends and family”,  then 12 individuals.

I was one of two guys that they called of the individuals to stay in the room and play some more simulated games.

I stayed and competed against a group of six folks playing two simulated puzzles. I didn’t win any of the puzzles but I got a bunch of letters correct before hitting a lose-a-turn.

After the simulated games we all sat down and they explained the process of things if we are selected to be on the show and that we would find out by the second week of August if we were selected.

They took Polaroid pictures of those of us remaining in the room and attached that to our written tests and the applications we initially filled out.

It was an interesting experience to say the least and now I sit back and wait for the “Casting Call” so to speak!

55 Responses

  1. I got the dreaded message that all contestants that made the actual taping… have been notified.

    Unfortunately, I wasn’t one of them.

    It was fun waiting and going through the process and I hope someone from Puna gets on the show.

    We have been through a lot and I would love to see someone that has gone through a lot in the last few weeks get on the show.

  2. My husband and I got picked (I’m @kessoca) and I just heard from a single that got an email Tuesday night (I got mine Tuesday morning).

    KHON 2 posted a story yesterday that said all contestants have been chosen!

    • Congrats, Jessica! :-)

      Have you, or has anyone else, heard of anyone who auditioned in Hawaii being notified by snail mail that they have been added to the contestant pool to appear on a mainland show at some point?

      At our audition on Oahu, the contestant coordinator seemed to imply this was a possibility for some people who made it to the final round.

      Best wishes for much success on the show! :-)

      • I heard last night that while folks may have been selected already… they haven’t notified everyone yet of who was selected.

        • Call me crazy, but I’m still not ready to believe I didn’t get picked. I thought I would have at least been picked as an alternate… Has anyone heard if they have notified all the selected contestants and alternates yet?

      • I believe he said that if you were selected for an alternate and did not appear on the show, you would be a contestant in LA.

  3. Has anyone heard anything Yet! I have not:(

    • Nope! I haven’t heard from Wheel yet, or heard of anyone else hearing from them yet! (Other than the two couples already mentioned in the comments.)

      But “this week” isn’t over yet, so according to Wheel, we might still be notified! ;-) (See quote from KHON article posted yesterday in comments.)

      Good luck to you and everyone!! :-)

      • Congrats to all selectees. I haven’t heard anything and I guess they have already chosen all the contestants. It was a great experience.

        • Yep… I sure hope someone from Puna that is going through Hurricane Iselle recovery efforts got selected.

          Stoked they are coming and glad I had the opportunity to even audition.

          Guess we can try again in 4-5 years since it seems WOF likes the Big Island!

    • Hey Megan, Thanks for sharing that very informative article!! :-)

      “The contestants who will compete in “Wheel of Fortune” when the show tapes at Hilton Waikoloa Village next month have all been chosen.

      Ninety local residents will get a chance to spin the wheel. But not all of them know… yet.

      Contestants are being notified this week. KHON2 helped break the good news to Amy Lewis Thursday morning.”

      Since they said as of this morning that not all contestants know that they’ve been chosen yet, and that contestants will be notified “this week,” I’m assuming some of us could still hear tomorrow, or even Saturday or Sunday! So it’s not over yet! ;-)

      I also think the cut off date of “this week” may only apply to those from the Hawaii auditions who made it onto the shows taping next month on the Big Island.

      Since they said at the auditions that those who are chosen to appear on shows taping in *Los Angeles* will be notified by snail mail, it may take longer for those notifications to arrive. I’m thinking a couple of weeks longer, since the original gap of time between email notifications and snail mail notifications mentioned at the auditions was a couple of weeks.

      Good luck to you and everyone!! :-)

      • Agree! Just wish this wasn’t such a drawn out process!! My nerves can’t take it much longer. ;)

        • I hear you, Megan! I’m trying to just be patient, and accepting of all possibilities, but I’ll admit that it’s not easy! It had indeed been a loooong process.

          But the good news is that an end to the waiting is in sight, regardless of the outcome. ;-) (Which of course I hope is a positive one, for you, me, and everyone here!!)

  4. Me and my wife were chosen out of the waikoloa auditions!!! Got the email today!! Will be taping in September!!!! Woooohoooooo so excited!!!!

    • Congrats… I hope everyone does well whether I’m selected or not.

      I’m just glad they are providing this opportunity to folks in Hawaii!

      I’ll continue to keep my fingers crossed and congrats to those getting that magic golden ticket!

    • Congrats to you Nathaniel. Win big!!!! Still hoping for my chance. Hope all of us hear from them soon as well.

    • Congratulations to you and your wife, Nathaniel! We look forward to seeing you on the show! :-)

    • Instagram user Kessoca is my wife, she had posted about it on instagram. I wonder who else was chosen. I Wish I would have gotten the contact info for the people I met at or audition!

      • Hey Nathaniel. :-) Thanks for the clarification about Kessoca being your wife.

        I too am wondering who else has been chosen (or will be chosen) for the Hawaii shows, and wish that I had gotten the contact info for the people I connected with at my audition! (On Oahu, June 25, 4 pm)

        Oh well. As we know… all shall be revealed in time… ;-)

        Congrats once again! :-)

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