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Portia Doubleday Receives Golden Honu Award at Big Island Film Festival

Last night at the Big Island Film Festival, there was a celebrity salute and reception for actress Portia Doubleday.

Big Island Film Festival Founder & Executive Leo Sears presents Doubleday with a Golden Honu Award

Big Island Film Festival Founder & Executive Leo Sears presents Doubleday with a Golden Honu Award

Portia was awarded a “Golden Honu” award for being a “Star to Watch”.   She answered questions from folks attending the Festival and then afterwards people got to meet with her and have a reception that was sponsored by Kenwood Wines and the Fairmont Orchid.

The reception sponsored by Kenwood Wines and the Fairmont Orchid

The reception sponsored by Kenwood Wines and the Fairmont Orchid

Portia most recently co-starred opposite Chloe Moretz in CARRIE as bad girl Chris Hargensen and has a cameo opposite Joaquin Phoenix as the sex surrogate in Spike Jonze critically acclaimed film HER.

A star to watch!

A star to watch!

Portia also co-starred alongside Martin Lawrence and Brandon T. Jackson in 20th Century Fox’s BIG MOMMAS: LIKE FATHER, LIKE SON.  She starred in her first leading role opposite Michael Cera in Miguel Artera’s film YOUTH IN REVOLT, which was named one of the ten best films of the year by the National Board of Review.

Portia with Photographer Kirk Aeder

Portia with Photographer Kirk Aeder

I had an opportunity to have a one-on-one interview with Portia and here are some of the things she shared with me:

Deep Thoughts with Doubleday!

Deep Thoughts with Doubleday!

Aloha Portia welcome to Hawaii… have you been here before?

The first time I came to Hawaii was six months ago and I stayed in Maui but I love the Big Island, I went “Snubaing” today on a boat and supposedly went to one of the ten most beautiful places in the world… It’s paradise here, I love it!

So you’re here for the Big Island Film Festival, can you tell me about some of the projects you are working on?

I just got finished with a movie called “Act of All” filmed in Montreal where I play a girl and a boy and that movie should be coming out in about six months or so… I literally just got through filming it about 7 days ago so this is a really nice little vacation for me.

Where are you from in California and what High School did you go to?

I grew up in Hancock Park and went to Laces on 18th street which was a college-prep school where I did drama, choir and dance there.

What got you into acting?

I come from an acting family as both my parents were actors, my plan was that I would go to school and get my degree and then when I was trained when I was like 30 I would start acting around then… I hadn’t planned on acting as young as I am at all… it just kind of happened that way.

I went to a program at Cal Arts and Academy of Dramatic Arts and studied while I was in school and to me auditioning was just for fun as a I was a psychology major… and I just kind of jumped into the game. I’m still in school, I have been now for 6 years and I’m determined to get my degree.

Out of all the projects that you have worked on what was your favorite?

It’s really hard to say because I have a different taste in my mouth for all of them… I love what I do so I’m most comfortable on the set… I love all the projects for different reasons but I really loved doing “Carrie”.

So for all single guys out there… are you married or are you in a relationship?

Not married… I am single…. (laughs)

What do you plan on doing after you leave the Big Island?

Crying… because I’m going to miss it here… tomorrow I’ll be swimming with the dolphins.

How can fans follow you in the future?

Well I’m on Instagram at @PortiaDD. I have a twitter account but I don’t know how to use it. I think the last tweet I sent out said “I don’t know how to use Twitter”…. But I know how to use instagram.

Portia and some dude!

Portia and some dude!

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