News Video: Big Island Farmer Exposed as Predator – He Adopted Kids, Molested Them

News crew traces him to Florida, where he lives in hiding.  Hawaii “window” law allows victims to sue for justice, Victims speak out about abuse.

In a breaking international news video, a Big Island farmer is found living in hiding in Florida, after his victims in Hawaii came forward to sue him for child sexual abuse.
Jay Ram and three boys he adopted.

Jay Ram and three boys he adopted.

 The full video will be available online on Monday.
The video, produced by VICE NEWS out of New York, tells the story of former Hakalau farmer Jay Ram, who adopted dozens of boys in California and Hawaii. He then used the boys for sex and slave labor. Ram has been featured in numerous print stories in Hilo.
The boys were able to sue Ram for abuse because of a landmark Hawaii “window” law that allows victims of child sex abuse to use the civil courts for justice, no matter when the abuse occurred. The law expires on April 24.
Members of SNAP worked with the victims to help expose Ram and encourage other victims and witnesses to come forward.

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