Local Artist Files Amended Complaint Alleging Multiple New Charges and Cause in Copyright Infringement Case

Kailua Kona Hawaii based Tiki Shark Art Incorporated v/s California based Cafe Press – i.e. “David v/s Goliath”.

Brad holding his original art piece "Forbidden Island".

Brad holding his original art piece “Forbidden Island”.

Tiki Shark Art Incorporated has filed, in Honolulu Federal Court a “Amended Complaint” alleging multiple new charges and causes  in this high profile “seminal” copyright infringement case that is making history.

The company has also made a major change in its legal representation, the Florida based Law Firm of Schneider Rothman Intellectual Property Law Group has recently withdrawn from this case.

More details can be found in the new complaint and court records + Press Releases scheduled to come out week of March 10, 2014.

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