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  1. That’s my truck! Thanks for posting the photo however I am disappointed you were intimidated into blotting out the subject of my protest. My name is Hugh Johnson. I have been an organic farmer in Hawaii since 1990 and I live in Pahoa on the Big Island. Dr Joan Greco of Waimea is my oral surgeon. Dr. Greco has an office in Kailua Kona and now in Hilo as well. Dr Greco and her staff treated me kindly and we’re very professional whenever I visited their office for extractions, implants and repeated follow up visits when problems occurred. I paid 5800 dollars for three implants. Dr Greco boasts a 98% success rate and free replacements. After two years of infections, a multitude of
    x rays, antibiotics, a lot of road miles (130 miles round trip), missed work and one God awful bone scrapping she finally determined my implants had failed so she finally removed the stinking oozing infected little suckers. Dr Greco points out she removed the failed implants and surrounding damaged bone at no charge. WOOP DE DO! Dr Greco offered to replace the bone and implants at no charge. However she stated i was not a good candidate for implants which was the obvious since I had 100 % fail. Why in the world would I sign up for a repeat of two years of misery by getting free replacements? Hence i asked Dr Greco to have my regular dentist attempt to stabilize my teeth as half the bone supporting the teeth adjacent to the failed implant sites was now missing. Dr Greco’s insurance rep requested a quote for the repair. My dentist who is a trusted colleague of Dr. Greco submitted a quote of 10,800 dollars. After having received the requested quote for the repair, Dr Greco’s rep offered me 2800 dollars.Twenty eight dollars just happens to be the about the cost of some dentures, which i will need when the teeth around the implant sites loosen and have to be removed too. I politely said no thanks to the 2800 bucks.
    If i were you and wanted implants i would still recommend Dr Greco. She has a fine reputation. My intent is not to harm Dr Greco’s business. My intent with the tail gate dummy and the sign is to inspire Dr Greco to allow her insurance company to pay my dentist to repair the damage caused by her failed implants. I feel Dr. Greco had a rare and unfortunate total failure with me and she should be held accountable no matter that her other 98 out of a hundred are satisfied customers.
    Before I installed the sign i sought legal counsel. I was told that if i was telling the truth then it is my right to express my opinion in public.
    So let me clarify something here; Dr. Greco got some of my teeth but not all of them, She got a few chunks of jaw bone but not the entire jawbone. She did not get all my money either but she sure as hell got all my implants….good riddance!

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