How Does Hawaii Learn from Mainland School Shootings – Lessons from Sandy Hook and A Swift Paddle to the Ass

Today marks the anniversary of the Sandy Hook tragedy where innocent kids were killed for reasons we may never know.  Sadly we had another shooting today in Colorado as well!

How does Hawaii learn from these mainland tragedies that seem to be happening more and more?

I know for a fact that Pahoa High and Elementary School has a police officer on campus that shares his time there and the Keaau High School Campus.

This hits home for me personally as a few years ago a former student at my son’s school was allegedly threatening his former school and was headed there wearing a school uniform with alleged intentions of harming the school and anyone present there!

Should we put police on all High School Campuses?  Should we arm school security guards?  Remember “Lock Down Drills” when you were younger?

Yep... I brought "caps" to school at Larrabee Elementary!

Yep… I brought “caps” to school at Larrabee Elementary!

Yes… I was the kid in elementary school that got swatted by Mr. Gallagher for bringing “Caps” to school in elementary school just for the fun of it back in the early 1970’s!   I probably would have been shot and or put in jail had I tried something like that in today’s society… but then again… Principals today would go to jail for busting out wooden paddles on students… so I guess we’re even!