UH Hilo Student Attacked in Women’s Restroom

UPDATE:  This was falsely reported to the Police and the story was fabricated by the alleged victim.  More here:  Student Attack at UH Hilo Restroom Was Fabricated

I got the following report from a reliable source of an attack that occurred yesterday on the University of Hawaii Hilo Campus.

UH Hilo Moniker

Aloha Damon can you help? My niece at UH Hilo a sophomore, was attacked in the girls restroom on campus at about 4:40pm. He was a tall 6 foot white guy and put a knife to her neck. He struggled trying to get her top off than dropped the pocket knife then she started punching his face and yelling and then he picked up the knife and ran out. She ran after him and saw him get into a Red Ford Expedition and speed off. When the police interviewed her, she thought her attacker looked like Ariel Jost that guy that was just busted. Maybe he has a brother? Will forward you the info from her mom *****, my niece flew back to Honolulu today to be near her parents for the next few days.

The following is from her mom:

The incident occurred in the Geology building women’s bathroom at approx 4:45pm Tuesday 11/19, white male 6′ short curly blonde/brown hair followed her grabbed her, held a knife to her throat and threatened to kill her if she screamed. He dropped the knife when he was trying to remove her clothes then she started punching his face, he yelled, picked up the knife and ran out of the bathroom. She saw him driving away in a red Expedition. Police report #C13031131

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