Fisherman Pleads Guilty to Multiple Fishing Violations

A Hau‘ula fisherman pled no contest on Sept. 26, 2013, to multiple fishing violations in Kane‘ohe District Court and was sentenced to 213 hours of community service work, in lieu of a $1,500 fine, plus one year of probation.

Travis K. Fonoimoana, 34, was cited by a Department of Land and Natural Resources Division of Conservation and Resources Enforcement (DOCARE) officer on Feb. 2, 2013, on the shoreline in Punalu‘u for violating Hawai‘i Administrative Rules (HAR) 13-75-12.4(a)(2)(B) relating to laynets, HAR 13-95-10 for ‘O‘io, and HAR 13-95-23(a) for Moi.

Illegal length and mesh size net. DOCARE photo.

Illegal length and mesh size net. DOCARE photo.

He was found possessing and using four laynets longer than 125 feet in length and with less than 2 ¾ inches stretched mesh, as well as for taking several ‘o‘io under 14 inches and several moi under 11 inches — which are the minimum legal sizes.

Undersized fish. Photo by DOCARE.

Undersized fish. Photo by DOCARE.

The state asked that the fisherman’s laynets be destroyed, but the Kane‘ohe District Court judge returned it to the owner with a warning that he must comply with the terms and conditions of probation.

For more information on fishing regulations, refer to DLNR Division of Aquatic Resources’ website located at

“Enforcement of laynet use is crucial in DLNR’s mission to ensure the sustainability of marine resources through compliance with state rules in Hawaiian waters, and to ensure that endangered species are not harmed,” said William J. Aila, Jr., DLNR chairperson.


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  1. yep, I noticed that too. Seems typical of the judges in this state.

  2. Why would they let him keep an illegal net?
    Does anyone else think that’s ridiculous?

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