Senator Brian Schatz on the Government Shutdown – “Let Them Vote”

Sen. Brian Schatz

Sen. Brian Schatz

Aloha —

Let them vote.

It has been widely reported today that a majority of the Republicans in the House would vote for a clean spending bill if it came to the floor. Of course a majority of Democrats have already pledged to support a clean bill to end the shutdown.

That means that a bill to end the shutdown right now would pass with over 300 votes in the House. America is being held hostage by a fraction of the far right of the Republican Party.

So let’s let them vote.

Every member of Congress, Republican or Democrat, deserves the opportunity to vote so that their constituents know exactly where they stand. In the Senate we have already voted to pass a clean bill to end this shutdown, but Speaker Boehner won’t let the House vote on it.

So, on behalf of my colleagues in the House, I am starting a petition to tell Speaker Boehner to let them vote.

Everyday that this shutdown continues is hurting our economy, and putting hard working families at risk. Representatives in the House deserve the opportunity to show their constituents where they stand.

Sign your name to tell Speaker Boehner: Let them vote!

It’s past time to move forward. The House needs to vote, but they need to hear it from you. Join me today to tell Speaker Boehner: Let them vote!

Brian Schatz
U.S. Senator

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