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Skydive Hawaii Offering 10 Free Tandem Jumps Each Day to Federal Workers Affected by Shutdown

Skydive Hawaii just posted the following comment on Facebook offering free tandem jumps to residents of Hawaii who are FEDERAL WORKERS AND HAVE BEEN AFFECTED by the Government Shutdown:

If you have a Hawaii ID and you are a Hawaii affected federal worker, how about we take up to 10 people a day at no charge for the skydive. Must be over 18 and weigh under 200 pounds and sign the liability release.If an affected worker has already made a deposit to make a tandem skydive during this period of shutdown, let us know and we’ll refund it and offer you a free tandem instead.

Setting a Hawaii Tandem Skydiving Altitude Record on December 10, 2011 at Skydive Hawaii

Setting a Hawaii Tandem Skydiving Altitude Record on December 10, 2011 at Skydive Hawaii

I will toss this in just for the fact of the matter… Please be prepared to show your Federal Identification badge or card.

They are also offering affected Federal workers with a Skydiving License a free lift in the sky:

We are very sad to hear that many people will be affected by the US Government‘s shutdown. Skydive Hawaii will be offering free lift tickets during the work week (Monday-Friday) to all USPA licensed sport skydivers who are federal workers directly affected by the shutdown. We will keep this up until you’re working again or we no longer can bear the costs.

Mahalo to Skydive Hawaii for hooking folks up during this time of need.  For more information on the promotion… you will need to call the company directly at 808-637-9700 or 808-945-0222.

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