Will Work For Food – Laid Off Government Worker

With the Federal Government now shut down…. I wonder how many Federal workers will be filing for unemployment tomorrow?

The sad thing about unemployment… is you don’t get paid for the first week you are on it as that is called a “waiting period”.  During this waiting period… folks are required to fill out all sorts of paperwork, attend a class, look for at least three jobs…. etc.

Well crap by the end of the one week waiting period… my guess is we will be back to work.

The dilemma? Do I go down there and spend half a day just waiting in lines and then spend 20 + hours of my time this week doing mandated unemployment stuff just to possibly get called back to work the next week or possibly even the next day?

Well I think I’ll hold off for a while and hopefully I will get back to work soon enough.  The sad thing for me… is both my wife and I are now effectively laid off!

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  1. Great!

    Now millions of unemployed and underemployed (many, many of which have been that way for years because of our crappy, government induced economy) have company—those previously thought of as “untouchable” and *unable* to lose their jobs (whether they are like Lois Lerner or Eric Holder—virtual criminals) except through an “act of Congress.”

    Who would have thunk it would take a “NON-act” of Congress to give ’em a taste of what millions of those in the PRIVATE sector have been experiencing for years—the *real* world.

    Real World [experience of those not working for Uncle Sam]:

    NO “security” (not being fireable except if they murder somebody or the Congress passes an “Act.”
    NO prima donna “union” wages
    NO thirty days paid leave (vacation/ holidays/”sick”) a year (or is it MORE now?)

    Oh, that’s right. It won’t last. A few days, and they’ll all be back to the “grind stone,” putting all those lazy workers in the private sector who work for peanuts and have no job security (hey, in the REAL world, workers *can* and *do* get fired for being lazy, stealing, selling arms to drug gangs, and harassing people like the IRS does innocent citizens) to shame.

    No, really. Just like the Sequester [yawning]. The only problem is for professional politicians (and government workers) who like their access to the Cookie Jar of confescated earnings (tax revenue) unfettered and unaccountable.

    If you want it done more expensively, less efficiently and less accountably, just have Big Government do it.

    No, really.

    I should know. I have twenty years combined Federal, State and County employment. I should be ashamed, but I’m reformed; I know now what it’s like in the real world. I *was* part of the problem. Now? I don’t vote “red” or “blue.”

  2. Sorry to hear that Damon. This whole system sucks big time!!!

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