Sixty Kids Participate in HI-PAL Clinic Held at Kamehameha Schools Hawaii Campus

Sixty youths participated in the HI-PAL Click It or Ticket Hoops Clinic for Elementary and Intermediate students held at Kamehameha Schools Hawaiʻi Campus this past Saturday, September 14, 2013.

“The clinic was a tool to remind our youth to wear their seat belts”, said Officer Nelson Acob, “and we also reminded them not to use drugs and how to deal with bullying”.

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Basketball was also played, and Louisville, was crowned champions of the 5th-6th Grade Division. Members of the championship squad included (as pictured) Makana Credo, Kiai Apele, Braedy Yamada, Jazelle Dorser, Cuinn Cariaga, Kaupena Yasso and Elyas Sheffet. They were coached by Officer Matt Kaaihue.

Kiai Apele was also selected as the divisions Most Valuable Player. Kuakahi Alameda was selected as the Outstanding Team Player, Izayah Chartrand won the Best Attitude Award and Dominique Pacheco was the Outstanding Defensive Player.

Duke won the 7th-8th Grade Division championship. Team members (as pictured) were Liko Medeiros, Rekki Prudencio, Aukea Hooper, Jordyn Mantz, Emmarose Sheffet, Kiai Apele and Thaze Gomes. They were coached by Maurice Janado.

Rekki Prudencio was selected as the divisions Most Valuable Player. Randon Arima was the Outstanding Defensive Player, Dabney Uchima was awarded the Best Teammate Award and Gabriel Bergen was the Outstanding Team Player.

“The clinic was a huge success”, commented Officer Brian Tina. “We look forward to hosting future clinics like this to promote seat belt use and provide a safe drug free event for our youth”.

For additional information on any Click It or Ticket or HI-PAL event, please contact Officer Joseph Botelho at 961-8121 or Officer Randy Morris at 326-4646 extension 258.

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