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Remembering 9/11

0n 9/11/2001 my wife and I had been married for less then 3 months.  My son wasn’t born yet and I was on Oahu and had graduated from UH Manoa and was trying to put my future wife through school at the time.

Never forgetThe planes struck late at night Hawaii time… and for some odd reason… I was up to watch the first tower drop.

My wife was sleeping in our small one bedroom apartment over on Oahu and I ran into the back room to tell her what just happened… not even thinking about what time in the night it was.  I think she thought I was crazy and slept right through it all.

When the second tower dropped and I was watching it live on television… I couldn’t do anything but bust a tear realizing that we were watching history unfold in front of us.

I remember my girlfriend (future wife) sleeping through everything and me being glued to the TV.  I remember thinking possibly I was dreaming but then stayed glued to the tube all early morning as we were literally under attack.  The next morning the airspace went dead over on Oahu and it just felt like we were under attack.

I went to work that morning with no sleep and in a very somber mood knowing that I was going to work in Mapunapuna which was both close to the airport and a military base.  I ended up leaving work half way through the day because I was sickened to see what was happening and that America was under attack.

Let’s hope this never happens again, but unfortunately… we have punks in society that really want to ruin things for everyone!

One Response

  1. thanks for sharing Damon …I have so much to say buts its hard to type with my eyes filled with tears

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