Ulupono Initiative Invests $350,000 in OpConnect Hawai‘i to Boost Hawai‘i’s EV Charging Infrastructure

Ulupono Initiative today announced a strategic investment of $350,000 in Hawai‘i’s emerging electric vehicle industry through OpConnect Hawai‘i, which is preparing to install Mark II charging stations throughout the state.


“At Ulupono, we believe that helping consumers feel confident that they can drive where they need to go without range anxiety is critical to widespread adoption of electric vehicles,” said Ulupono Initiative’s Managing Partner Murray Clay. “By investing in support of those who drive EVs, we’re helping achieve our goal of reducing Hawai‘i’s dependence on imported oil with more efficient technology,” Clay added.

“We are excited to receive the investment and support from the Ulupono Initiative,” said Dexter Turner, OpConnect Hawai‘i CEO. “This will ensure Hawai‘i’s EV drivers have a reliable and easy-to-use station for charging their electric vehicles throughout the islands. Together, we are helping the state of Hawai‘i realize its green energy goals.”

OpConnect Hawai‘i operates the largest network of charging stations in Hawai‘i with 83 charge spots on O‘ahu, Maui, Kaua‘i, and Hawai‘i Island. The OpConnect Network has nearly 1,000 EV drivers in Hawai‘i registered for its OpConnect network with more signing up each week. In March, the company took over the Hawai‘i operations of Better Place and plans to replace the Better Place charge spots with OpConnect stations by this fall.

OpConnect’s newly designed Mark II Level 2 public charging station builds on the company’s innovative reputation and features include a 15-inch display, high-resolution touch-screen display and integrated security cameras.

OpConnect’s EV charging stations are advanced technology smart charging stations that are approved for indoor and outdoor installations.  All units include wireless communications and are part of the integrated OpConnect Electric Vehicle Charging System®, which includes a web portal and smart phone application to locate available charging stations, manage accounts and track individual or fleet electricity usage.  The OpConnect charging stations are Smart Grid ready to work with utilities to help balance the load on the electric grid.


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