Hawaii County Fire Fighter Recruits Required to Take College Courses

The Hawai‘i Fire Department announces the following due to recent changes to the prerequisites for entry into the Kapiolani Community College Emergency Medical Technician Course required for all new Fire Fighter Recruits.


All Fire Fighter Recruit applicants considered for hire by the Hawai‘i Fire Department shall have completed an English 100 (ENG 100) and a Health 125 (HLTH 125) course prior to selection for hire by the Hawai‘i Fire Department.  Interested applicants can contact any accredited college or university for enrollment in English 100 and Health 125. On-line courses for Health 125 are currently available at Leeward and Windward Community Colleges. The UH fall session starts 8/26 and ends 12/20. Interested applicants are encouraged to contact local or mainland accredited colleges or universities for information regarding on-campus and on-line courses for ENG 100 and HLTH 125. These courses must have been taken within the last 5 years.

Interested applicants who would like to check to see if other similar courses can be substituted for ENG 100 and HLTH 125 may contact Kapiolani Community College Counselor Russell Kinningham at kinningh@hawaii.edu or telephone (808) 734-9350.   Completion of an English 100 T (tutorial) will meet the English 100 course requirement.

All Fire Fighter Recruit recruitments beginning with the fall 2013 recruitment will require ENG 100 and HLTH 125 course completions as a prerequisite.  Courses must be satisfactorily completed with a grade of C or higher.

A current State of Hawai`i Emergency Medical Technician or Emergency Medical Technician-Paramedic license issued by the State of Hawai`i Department of Commerce and Consumer Affairs supersedes the requirement for English 100 and  Health 125.

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