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Big Island Police Plan 20-30 DUI Checkpoints – County Offers Share-Ride Taxi Coupons for Bar Patrons

The Hawai‘i County Mass Transit Agency announces that shared-ride taxi coupons are available for purchase in bulk by bar owners for patrons who may be too impaired to safely drive home. To encourage utilization of the program and to help bar owners prepare for the Labor Day weekend, the County will be providing 10 free coupons to bar owners making their first purchase of at least 10 coupons now through August 30.

Choose Your Ride

File photo (prices have changed)

“We’ve gotten great feedback from bar owners during shared-ride taxi coupon promotions in the past,” said Tiffany Kai, Mass Transit Administrator. “While the Labor Day weekend is a great time to roll this program out, we’re glad that we can now make this resource available to interested bar owners year-round.”

For as little as $2, a shared-ride coupon will cover a taxi ride of up to 4 miles with a participating company. A change to the administrative rules that govern the shared-ride taxi program was made in June to allow agencies, organizations, and businesses with a compelling interest in the safe point-to-point transport of their clients or patrons – such agencies helping clients get to work, organizations serving people with mobility challenges, or establishments serving alcohol providing a responsible alternative to driving home under the influence – to purchase these coupons in bulk. Purchases by individuals for personal use are unaffected by this rule change.

Impaired driving presents a potential danger to every motorist, passenger and pedestrian the driver encounters. Already this year, the Hawaiʻi Police Department has made more than 700 DUI arrests, and 12 of the 21 traffic fatalities this year involved drugs and/or alcohol. HPD will increase enforcement of drunk driving as part of a national campaign called “Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over,” which runs August 16 through September 2. During the campaign, police will conduct 20-30 sobriety checkpoints island wide.

For more information or to purchase shared-ride taxi coupons, contact the Mass Transit Agency at 961-8343.

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