USS Pearl Harbor… In Pearl Harbor

Admiral Cecil Haney posted the following on Facebook this morning:

USS Pearl Harbor’s port visit to its namesake this weekend brings the ship one step closer to her San Diego home after supporting our 8th annual Pacific Partnership (PP) mission.

USS Pearl Harbor in Pearl Harbor.  US NAVY Photo

USS Pearl Harbor in Pearl Harbor. US NAVY Photo

Since May, the ship and her outstanding crew of U.S. Navy Sailors and multinational civilians/military personnel has served as the centerpiece of an important mission to improve disaster relief response in Oceania. PP’13 marked the first time that partner nations — Australia and New Zealand — took the lead of individual phases, a significant commitment milestone for future missions (For more, see Named after a place that reminds people of a world war, it is fitting that USS Pearl Harbor and her crew spent the last few months advancing partnerships in a multilateral mission to enhance stability, security and peace in the Pacific. Bravo Zulu!

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