Oceanic Time Warner to Increase Monthly Fee for Internet Modem

Many folks are turning off the TV and watching things online instead of subscribing to cable services.

Well it looks Oceanic Time Warner is going to attempt to make up much of their losses on lost customers that are switching over to watching things online.

Did you read the small print in your bill this month?

Did you read the small print in your bill this month?

Beginning next month, they are going to be upping their monthly fee to $5.99 each month for each subscriber who uses their modem,

Anyone also note that the notice on the bill was so small… that you could barely even read it!

For more information on approved modems that you can buy yourself that will work with Oceanic’s services see:  Approved Modems

Check out this article on Pulp Connection for other options: Buying a Cable Modem

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  1. […] Update: I originally had a type regarding the monthly lease fee. I corrected the mistake to reflect $5.99 per month, not $5.95. Thanks Damon for the catch. […]

  2. Think there was always a fee to lease their modem, just that the price is going up. I’m opting to buy my own cable modem. http://www.pulpconnection.net/2013/07/buying-a-cable-modem/

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