Big Island Police Arrest and Charge 20-Year-Old Hilo Man for Burglary and Other Charges

Big Island police arrested and charged a 20-year-old Hilo man for Burglary and other related charges this afternoon.

James Kama

James Kama

James Kama was arrested for his involvement in the burglaries of two residences which occurred in the Waiākea Uka area in November and December of 2012.

Items removed in these burglaries included ammunition, hunting equipment, electronic, household and yard items totaling over $5,000.00.

Kama was charged with two counts of Burglary in the First Degree and one count of Theft in the Fourth Degree.

His total bail was set at $10,250.00 and is being held at the Hilo Police Cellblock pending arraignment.


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