North Hawaii Community Hospital Awards Numerous Scholarships to Big Island Students

On June 21, North Hawaii Community Hospital (NHCH) awarded scholarships to five Big Island students. Scholarships were presented by Dr. Gary Goldberg, Emergency Physician at NHCH; Dr. W. Douglas Hiller, NHCH Orthopedic Surgeon and Chief of Staff; and Dr. John Dawson, Primary Care Physician.

NHCH Scholarship Recipients

HCH awarded numerous educational scholarships to five Big Island students. From left to right: (top row) W. Douglas Hiller, M.D., John Dawson M.D., Gary Goldberg, M.D. awarded scholarship recipients (bottom row) June Mohr, Mindy Silva, Allen Gail Yvette Nitura, Michelle Ruiz Sahagun, Malia Silva during Thursday’s ceremony at NHCH.

June Mohr, a resident of Kailua-Kona, received the Peggy Dineen-Orsini Scholarship of $2,000. Mohr is attending the University of Hawaii at Manoa and is enrolled in Pre-Nursing major with an emphasis on Human Development and Family Resources. “Attending college at UH Manoa gives me a sense of purpose, great satisfaction and much motivation to meet my personal goal of succeeding in my studies and to excel in my chosen career of nursing here in my home state of Hawaii,” says Mohr. Private donors along with the hospital’s Medical Staff fund this scholarship in memory of Peggy Dineen-Orsini, who was a Registered Nurse at North Hawaii Community Hospital for eight years (1996 to 2004).

The second scholarship, funded by the NHCH Medical Staff, was awarded to Allen Gail Yvette Nitura and Malia Silva, offering each individual a $1,000 scholarship. Yvette, a 2013 graduate of Honoka’a High School, will attend Hawaii Pacific University to major in Pre-Nursing, while Maila, a resident of Kailua Kona, is currently attending Hawaii Community College where she is pursuing a Pre-Nursing major. The NHCH Medical Staff annual scholarships are funded through the dues each physician pays to be a member of the medical staff at NHCH.

The third and final scholarship opportunity is funded by Hawai’i Emergency Physicians Associated, Inc. (HEPA), the independent physician-owned group of board-certified physicians who provide staffing in NHCH’s Emergency Department. The two $1,000 HEPA scholarships were awarded to North Hawaii high school students: Michelle Ruiz Sahagun of Kapaau, who will attend the University of Hawaii at Hilo to study Elementary Education, and Mindy Ho’olilani Marie Silva of Honoka’a, who will study Nursing at Hawaii Community College. Scholarship recipient, Ruiz Sahagun, shared, “by advancing my education at the University of Hawaii at Hilo, I strongly believe that I will benefit Hawaii’s future students. I believe this scholarship will help make it possible for me to achieve my goals.” For this scholarship, students are asked to write a personal letter describing their future plans and goals and to explain why their financial need is compelling.

All applications were reviewed by the scholarship committees of each sponsoring organization; decisions were based on the criteria and requirements outlined in the scholarship application, which can be found online at


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