Legislators are Inviting Big Island Residents to a Town Meeting

Hawai‘i Island legislators are inviting residents to a town meeting from 6-7 p.m., Thurs., June 6, 2013 at UH-Hilo, UCB 127.


Senators Malama Solomon and Gilbert Kahele, along with Representatives Mark Nakashima and Clift Tsuji, will share a post 2013 Legislative session update, including a discussion on district Capital Improvement Projects (CIP).

“The 2013 Legislative Session was very productive. Through working together, the Hawai‘i Island delegation was able to secure project funds that will help improve the quality of life in our districts,” said Sen. Gilbert Kahele (District 1, Hilo). “This meeting provides the public with an opportunity to hear from and talk story with their elected representatives.”

“Through legislative teamwork and community input, many of our Districts goals were met because of our collective lobbying efforts and because so many residents on Hawai‘i Island called, emailed or sent testimony to help their elected representatives secure the support of legislators from other islands,” said Sen. Malama Solomon (District 4, Hilo, Hamakua, Kohala, Waimea, Waikoloa and Kona).

“In fact, collectively, we brought home $380+ million.  This represents new jobs and job training, education and healthcare, roads, airports and harbor improvements, and vital “safety net” services for our keiki, kupuna and less fortunate,” said Sen. Solomon.

Rep. Mark Nakashima (District 1, Hamakua, Hilo) and Rep. Clift Tsuji (District 2, Keaukaha, Hilo, Panaewa, Waiakea) noted that the legislature passed several bills and CIP addressing issues and concerns of Hawai‘i Island.

Rep. Nakashima said, “We are very pleased that the legislature focused on measures to support food sustainability and agriculture as these issues are particularly important to our island.  For example, we have incentives for our younger generation to take up farming by offering farm innovation loans. We have also expanded our livestock subsidies to allow our local industry to stabilize operations and compete with mainland suppliers.”

Rep. Tsuji added, “We focused on promoting investment, workforce development and financial stability by working with our colleagues to secure millions of dollars in CIP and federal funding for our airports, harbors and highways.  I am also pleased that working with the community we were able to secure a million dollars in Grant in Aid CIP funding for the Hawai‘i Adult Care Center.”

The general public will have the chance to ask questions about legislative issues and topics being discussed.


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