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Big Island Produced Film “Strange Frame” Wins Best Animated Feature at the 2013 Big Island Film Festival

The animated film “Strange Frame” produced by Big Island’s Planet One Productions won the Best Animated Feature award at the Big Island Film Festival.

From the Big Island's Planet One Productions, "Strange Frame" is an animated sci fi feature film, with voices of Claudia Black, Tara Strong, Ron Glass, Tim Curry, Alan Tudyk, Michael Dorn, George Takei and others.  It will be screened at Big Island Film Festival on Sunday, May 26 at The Fairmont Orchid, Hawai'i.

From the Big Island’s Planet One Productions, “Strange Frame” is an animated sci-fi feature film, with voices of Claudia Black, Tara Strong, Ron Glass, Tim Curry, Alan Tudyk, Michael Dorn, George Takei and others.

I had the opportunity to meet Big Island film producer GB Hajim at the Big Island Film Festival this week and I took a few pictures of him with some of the celebrities that were on hand.

GB Hajim with Hollywood Screenwriter Jennifer Grisanti

GB Hajim with Hollywood Story Consultant Jennifer Grisanti

I spoke to Hajim about his film and this is what he had to say:

Here he is with Saturday Night Live Star Kate McKinnon:

Photographer Kirk Aeder, Kate McKinnon and GB Hajim

Photographer Kirk Aeder, Kate McKinnon and GB Hajim

Folks who attend the festival are very fortunate they get to network and connect with so many people in the industry.

GB Hajim and Big Island Film Commissioner John Mason

GB Hajim and Big Island Film Commissioner John Mason


This gorgeous animated sci-fi story is centered around the theme of the transformative power of love between two women. As our story begins it is the 29th century, 200 years after the Great Earth Exodus. We’re on Ganymede, one of Jupiters moons. Our hero Naia (prolific voice actress Tara Strong) is a feisty, young singer-songwriter who falls in love with the beautiful saxophonist Parker (Claudia Black — Farscape, Stargate SG-1). The two embark on their new relationship and also form a new band — and now they have to not only make it as musicians but also to fight for their freedom. Featuring an all-star cast including: George Takei, Claudia Black, Tara Strong, Ron Glass, Cree Summer, Tim Curry, Juliet Landau and Alan Tudyk.

Photo courtesy of Kirk Aeder Photography

Photo courtesy of BIFF 2013 via Karen Akiba

4 Responses

  1. Can’t see my comments getting posted. Website issues?

    Can somebody tell me what the other entries were for Animated Feature? I can’t find anything … even with Google!


    • I moderate all comments. I cannot be online 24/7. Please be patient when posting comments and if they are appropriate, I will post them. Brian, you can check the Big Island Film Festival website for all of the entries that were accepted this year. (This would not count for all the movies that may have been submitted, but not accepted for one reason or another)

      • Sorry, just not familiar with actually having to wait to see comments posted. Not complaining, mind you, just not used to not seeing comments posted almost immediately—moderation or not.

        Yeah, I found the BIFF site and, finally, found some information. However, it’s not apparent if, in fact, there actually *were* any other Animated Feature submissions. I don’t think there were.

        For example, there *were* two Animated Short submissions. I emailed the BIFF via their site to confirm the *one* submission (the “winner”) for Animated Feature.

        And, no, since this site seems to be a one-man operation and now know that “all” comments are moderated, I no longer expect instant gratification.

        Thank you.

        • Big Island Film Festival cannot control folks and tell them to submit things. Brian, if you know of folks that would like to submit films in the category, feel free to do it.

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