Fukushima Friends Benefit Concert – Japan Kids to Come to the Big Island for Respite, Rest and Fun

Please help the children and young adults that desire to come to the Big Island from the disaster area of Fukushima, Japan, in July and August, 2013 by attending the Fukushima Friends Relief Concert on May 26th at the East Hawaii Center for Spiritual Living.

Fukushima Benefit Concert

About 20 young people with chaperones from 5th grade up are coming to the Big Island to receive respite, rest, and fun from July 15-Aug 26.

A group will be providing food, shelter, and transportation for one month which is costly.  In addition, some of you may not know, but, these children and young adults have suffered the earthquake, tsunami, family suicides, survival camps, and high radiation exposure for 2 years.  They are in need of fresh air, ocean swimming, and rest for their physical and mental health.  They have been living inside locations without being able to play outside, touch the ground, or eat Fukushima food because of the radiation dangers.  Please help us provide for these young people.  Please come to the concert or you may donate any amount to the fund.


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