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Hilo Man Charged With Burglary, Woman Charged with Possession of Stolen Property

Hawaiʻi Island police have charged a 26-year-old Hilo man for breaking into a home in Hilo last week.

Scottie I.K. Yanagawa

Scottie I.K. Yanagawa

At 2 p.m. Tuesday (May 7), after conferring with prosecutors, detectives from the Area I Criminal Investigations Section charged Scottie I.K. Yanagawa with first-degree burglary and second-degree theft. Yanagawa’s bail was set at $35,000. He is scheduled to make his initial court appearance Wednesday (May 8).

On May 3 at about 5:16 p.m., police received a call from a 38-year-old Hilo woman that her home in the upper Ainaola Drive area had been entered and several items had been removed.

Police received information that some of the items were sold to second-hand dealers in the Hilo area. Police were able to recover some of the stolen property, which led to Yanagawa’s identification. He was arrested Tuesday morning (May 7) and was held in the Hilo police cellblock while detectives continued the investigation.

Suzy Cho Chun

Suzy Cho Chun

In addition, a woman and a man who accompanied her were arrested over the weekend in connection with the same incident. On Saturday (May 4) at 2 p.m., 25-year-old Suzy Cho Chun of Hilo was arrested on suspicion of second-degree theft for being in possession of items from the burglary. She was held at the Hilo police cellblock while detectives from the Area I Criminal Investigations Section continued the investigation. At 11:45 p.m., after conferring with prosecutors, detectives charged Chun with second-degree theft. Her bail was set $2,000. She made her initial court appearance on Monday.

The man who was arrested with Chun was subsequently released without charges.

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