Uncle Abel Lui Returns to Kamehameha Statue and Plants More Taro

Today, Hawaiian activist Abel Lui returned to the King Kamehameha Statue on Hilo’s bayfront.

"Uncle" Abel Lui

“Uncle” Abel Lui

A small celebration was held where he and his family and friends were able to replant the Taro that was previously dug up by the County.

Taro Replanted 234

From what I heard, they had a permit to plant the taro this time and from what I could see, there was no police presence and no efforts to stop them from planting the taro.


Taro Replanted 235

When I arrived after my son’s soccer game down at Bayfront, there was about 100 folks gathered in support of Lui.

Taro Replanted 236

Taro Replanted 237

Taro Replanted 239


Taro Replanted 241


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