Wordless Wednesday – Deadly Game in Hawaii

This video titled “Deadly Game in Hawaii” was uploaded to YouTube today:

Deadly Game
With all of the drownings that we have been having recently… some folks still won’t get the message that the ocean is NOT THEIR PLAYGROUND!



4 Responses

  1. An essential skill,fishing Hawaii’s shoreline.

  2. This is not as dangerous as it might first appear. There’s clearly an open passage to the ocean to the left (the waves come in on the surface, not through a cave or tunnel). Because the inlet is so constrained the water movement is almost entirely vertical. The only danger is that there’s a bit of a ledge where they climb out and all the water pouring off that would easily push you back into the (not very dangerous) vertically-moving inlet. There’s a formation like this near … well, there’s a place like this on the West side.

    The danger is that if you look at this and don’t appreciate that if the inlet extends inward and shoals at all, you’ll get horizontal movement and be swept *onto* the shelf and then pulled off it. That can happen at the advanced dive spots near NELHA.

  3. Do we know where this is Damon?

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