Hawaii House Bill 903 Held By Senate Ways and Means Committee

Today the Senate Committee on Ways and Means voted to hold House Bill 903, House Draft 2, Senate Draft 1, effectively killing the bill for the 2013 legislative session.

HB 903

HB903, HD2, SB1 relates to nonpoint source water pollution; fee rules; separate account – establishes a separate Water Pollution Control account and authorizes the Director of Health to prescribe fees to help fund the operations of the Department of Health in managing pollution from nonpoint sources and individual wastewater systems.

Senator Russell Ruderman supported the intent of the bill – to reduce environmental pollution, but after amendments and changes to the language of the bill, and the overwhelming number of concerns expressed by constituents that this would have a potentially negative economical impact on the Puna-Ka’u district, Sen. Ruderman could not support the existing measure.

Senator Ruderman said, “I appreciate the decision of Chair Ige and the committee and thank you for your consideration on this measure. I would also like to thank Director Gary Gill and the Department of Health for their valuable time and efforts to address this important issue. Hopefully we can find a version that will address all of the concerns of our constituents.”


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